They look like they're waiting to be put into giant toy packages. Hector Vivas / getty images



Is punk on a train life in a big city? I’ve seen a lot of crazy stuff on big city metro systems around the world (to me big cities are metro pop of 10million +), but I’ve never seen anything that involved a few people taking up that much physical space. I can imagine these people being unceremoniously shoved aside, or crowded into, no one really caring one way or another about their music playing. I haven’t been everywhere, seen everything, but to me that scene seems very uniquely mid size, middle class American city to me.


Perhaps Knives Out 3 will spend less on location and gadgetry and have better writing and more believable relationships than Knives Out 2.


Since this is America, the parent(s) of the 6 year old will lose the child but get to keep the gun


@3 Yes, exactly!
And BTW the Northwest has plenty of parasites already (eyman) thank you.


@3 The cops get the cannoli.


@3 -- they can
always Make more

re: Headline:

'Shouldn't' or
I'm guessing
B. but that's
merely me.


“Just something to think about during the next election!”

Uh, Matt? CM Herbold is not running for re-election, and incidents like this one help to explain why. (There’s also her love of defund and CHOP, but tbf you’re not allowed to mention those.)


@6 Let me take this opportunity to thank you for painstakingly structuring your drivel in such a ridiculous manner. (E.E. Cummings you ain't) That means I can instantly recognize who it is and bypass it. This saves me lots of time. To be honest....I did read and decifer one of your posts in the past....but since that time I never have to be bothered with your drivel and just move one to one of the other mental defectives. TTFN


From the NYC subway a couple years back, crazy and talented people.

Regardless of how you feel about them, I'd think impromptu and intentionally disruptive performance art displays staged in crowded subway cars would be more likely to happen in high and densely populated cities than in more modestly populated ones, and can't imagine what the basis for that's not being the case would be.


"I remember when punk was young/ Me and Floozy had so much fun." Which means now I'm old and THAT means that the scene on BART should irk me. But, it actually makes me feel weirdly giddy. In a few minutes I'll be back to myself again and then I will yell at them to get off my lawn


I don’t like Herbold anymore than most of Seattle but Matt is just wrong here and what the SCC is doing is once again exceeding their jurisdiction. The building already has landmark status. That is not up for debate and is not within the power of the SCC to change. The city is only approving the rules under which the building would be preserved. Voting against these rules does nothing to change the landmark status and won’t allow the property to be developed. Prepare for another Showbox lawsuit if they continue down this road.


"Joe Biden has condemned riots by former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro supporters as more people are calling for his expulsion from the United States."

with "Republicans" notably absent
mostly because Bolsonaro's an
Ally in the Fascism bidness
Bolsonaro's likely hole'd
up at Mal-A-Loco or
in the Vicinity of
the trumpfster
peas in a pod
Tyrants in a
they just

@8 -- your ptsd is duly noted
your Agency Admired &
glad I could make
your Life a wee
bit Easier.

thnx for the




@8 me too. It sounds like most people are doing the same from other comments in the past.


@11 What I don't understand is why proclaimed socialists like Matt, Chas, Will, Hannah, et. al. are always so quick to jump to the defense of real estate developers?

Are they all secretly heavily invested in REITs?

If anything is eventually built at the site of that Walgreens it will be well out of the price range affordable by a Stranger staff writer.


I think it’s great, but would definitely expect this to be more likely in a city the size of SF than a big city (while SF is bigger and more dense than Seattle I still consider it a mid size city). The first reason obviously is space. I’m sure you have been smashed into a car so tight have to look up to breathe. That seems like a far more common “life in the big city” subway experience, and doesn’t really allow for something so space intensive. Obviously not impossible or unheard of, but not something I think of when I think of my experiences on big city public transpo


I don't see how any non-violent reaction to a loud, improptu performance on a subway or BART says anything about anyone. You could be the type of person who just digs the shit out of it. You could be coming home from a stressful job, nerves all a-tangle, wishing, praying that they would please, please, please shut the fuck up. Either of these people could be wonderful human beings. Either one could be a total shit.

I don't think they'll fool me again with a Knives Out 3. Maybe I just don't get it. Wanted my time back both times. Much ado.


That "run down Walgreens" that Our Dear Matt and Our Former Erica are so petulant about is one of the last example of the Seattle-First National Bank branches that were once all over the city. I found that out by Googling "Walgreen's landmark Seattle" and finding and finding the story they were probably referring to in the Seattle Times.

I get it. It's difficult for some young-ish people to accept disappointment when they don't get their way. When the "Seattle Process" (such as the time and research it takes to file something for landmark status) contrasts with their nebulous ideals.

I suggest that they go for a nice bike ride on 1st Avenue South between Spokane and the East Marginal Way, which for some dopey Seattle reason has been reduced to one lane in either direction for bicycle enthusiasts. They can meditate on how the city had money for that hinderance to commerce, while the fourth Ave S viaduct over the railroad tracks has been reduced to one lane northbound for years due to deferred maintenance, and the ancient Ballard Bridge has been a deathtrap for both cyclists and pedestrians since it was constructed.


@13, People like you aren't that persuasive to voter's outside your bubble. Progressives either don't have the data to make the case to persuade them, the listening skills and technique to persuade them, the interest to persuade the rest of the country, or all of the above. So you get half the country voting for some nutcase like Trump.


@13 While I'm thanking people.....I'd like to thank you for screaming (typing all caps). I never read those because it is a sure sign the poster is unhinged and has no argument. Between that and the other defective with the format fetish I saved a lot of time in the comment section.


"The aim of public education is not to spread enlightenment at all; it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed a standard citizenry, to put down dissent and originality." ~ H. L. Mencken

From the dawn of civilization, we have been ruled by manipulators. Those who rise to the top of our current civilization have the same qualities as those who rose to the top of the kingdoms and empires of old. People who are just a little bit more clever than the rest, and just unprincipled enough to use that to their advantage.

The next stage in our development as a species, if we get to the next stage, will be to transcend this model. To transcend the model in which our lives are dominated by mental narrative, in which manipulators are able to use the fact that humans are storytelling creatures to rise to levels of power over the rest of us, in which we are forced to trade peace, justice, sanity and a healthy ecosystem for the order and stability of our ruling systems.
--Caitlin's [Johnstone's] Newsletter

complete article at:

when you Own the Means
of Communication you
can possess the Planet


Indeed, Rupert Murdock and Elon Musk are doing their part to loosen the grip of the woke mental narrative suffocating us on a daily basis.


@18: The problem with “historical preservation” or “landmark status,” my dear divine Mrs. Catalina, is that not everything gains value just from having gotten old. (Sadly, the older we ourselves become, the more likely we are to mistake aging itself for value.) To quote someone even older than ourselves, a Mr. T. Jefferson of Virginia, “The land belongs to the living, not to the dead.” Yes, it’s amusing to hark back to the days when private automobiles meant speed, comfort, and convenience, not traffic, sprawl, and global warming, but we can read about those days if we like; we don’t need obsolescent buildings clogging our city. This entire site should be redeveloped into high-rise housing, but if it can’t yet shed that annoying historical designation, at least some of it should serve a purpose more useful than part-time car storage. CM Herbold is trying to accomplish something along those lines, and should be applauded for so doing.

(Meanwhile, wouldn’t you be happier back yelling at the clouds, instead of at the bike lanes? Clouds are prettier and provide more interesting scenery, don’t you think?)


tensorna dear, Seattle preserves so little of its history, I think we can spare a few buildings. Those old Seafirst branches are real beauties. Symbolic of a time of great optimism and progress in Our Fair City. But if you want to be a toady for developers, by all means be my guest.

Private automobiles still mean speed, comfort and convenience. At least to those of us who are not moral scolds.

And yes, clouds are much prettier than empty bike lanes and the resulting traffic jams. Why would anyone want to yell at them?


@24: “Seattle preserves so little of its history, I think we can spare a few buildings.”

Queen Anne High School
Broadway High School
Pacific Medical Center
Elysian Capitol Hill
Elysian Fields
Elysian Tangletown
Green Lake Bath House Theatre
Optimism Brewery
Egyptian Theatre
Seattle Tower
Pike Place Market
Occidental Park
Pretty Much Every Brick Building in Pioneer Square
Smith Tower
Pretty Much Every Building in the CID
Alki Bathhouse
Alki Homestead
Log Cabin Museum
Pretty Much Every Brick Building along Alki
Elliott Bay Brewing Co,
West Seattle Brewing Co.

“Those old Seafirst branches are real beauties. Symbolic of a time of great optimism and progress in Our Fair City.”

Space Needle
Memorial Stadium

“But if you want to be a toady for developers, by all means be my guest.”

We’ll, it’s not just me; the city has designated that entire area for a housing development zone. Removing the historical designation entirely would be in keeping with that, but liberating the parking lot would be a good start.

“Private automobiles still mean speed, comfort and convenience.”

Just ask anyone on a Seattle highway at rush hour!

“At least to those of us who are not moral scolds.”

I wasn’t thinking of those unfortunate amongst us who call names like “toady,” dear, but rather those of us who can actually see past the ends of our noses (hoods, tailpipes) to understand the ruinous effects one’s personal “speed, comfort, and convenience,” visits upon everyone else. Have you been enjoying frequent triple-digit temperatures in Seattle’s now-smoky Summers?

Then again, it’s rather silly to ask such a question of someone who puts personal nostalgia for a bygone yesterday ahead of housing for actual humans now, isn’t it?

“…clouds are much prettier than empty bike lanes and the resulting traffic jams. Why would anyone want to yell at them?”

Because the effect is completely the same, and you don’t have to visit a crowded heavy-truck route to do it. But to each our own!


tensorna dear, you're distraught. Did mean old Auntie Catalina vex you and make you cross? If demolishing the old Seafirst Building will solve the affordable housing issue, I am all for it!

Now, you go lie down in a dark room for a bit. Put some Mantovani on the stereo, a wet washcloth over your eyes, and think pleasant thoughts. You'll be good as new in no time!


@26: And here I thought I’d heard the one true key to lasting serene happiness could only be found when gazing at an old — sorry, “historic” —parking lot on South Lake Union!

I was very happy to live in Seattle when I did, and I’m now even happier to have moved on. Please enjoy your scenic old parking lots, and reveling in getting all “historical” about them.


@18 Catalina Vel-DuRay: I remember Seattle-First National Bank. The branches were indeed, tastefully well built, and before SeaFirst merged and became Bank of America on September 27, 1999.
It saddens me to learn that the Ballard Bridge is in even worse shape now than it was when I lived in the district, near NW 20th. I'd hate to see it collapse. I know it's supposed to be a "boring" subject, but do Mayor Bruce Harrell and the Seattle City Council even care about fixing crumbling infrastructure? I'm most concerned about the current state of the Ballard, Fremont, Ship Canal, and Aurora Bridges. What are the elected powers that be waiting for, another Galloping Gertie disaster?

@27: Tensy dear, I'm with Catalina. I, too, think you're needlessly distraught. Why not go listen to some soothing music? Enjoy a nice glass or two of wine? Maybe add some dark chocolate with almonds and sea salt? That works for Griz.


@13 xina: +1 and seconded.


@19 seventiesrockhead, and @8 & @20 Barfly: Which ones are you, formerly, Eudemonic? David in Shoreline? Muffy? Snarky is as snarky does? Isn't it tedious changing your screen names and avatars more often than you change your socks?
Down lil MAGAts, down. It's not as if either of you has anything of significance to add to the comment thread.


Tensorna dear, I'm sure that those misty, water-colored memories of that special time when you lived in Seattle will be in your heart until you leave this vale of tears. "Cherish is the word I'd use to describe", and all that....

But if you don't live here anymore, what's it to you?


@11: Analogy to the Showbox fiasco doesn’t apply to this case. The extension of a specific historical district (for the Pike Place Market) to preclude redevelopment of an unrelated site (and two adjacent parking lots!) into housing was an illegal spot rezone, and struck down by the courts as such. By contrast, the city here tries to exempt the parking lot from the designated building, and also add incentives for redevelopment of the building — whilst retaining the architectural features which supported the original designation. So rather than using historical designation to arbitrarily take away development rights, the City Council seeks to adjust historical designation so as to encourage development.


Bazinga, you new here? Get banned from reddit? Nobody listens to anyone here. Welcome to yelling at yourself in the mirror in the bathroom.

@19 Pot meet kettle, lol.


@33: People here do actually listen to you. Too bad that does you no favors, eh?

“What if old Asian people are overwhelmingly right wing and just as hateful, bigoted, and reactionary as poor white MAGAs?”



@13 xina: Fully agreed. Let's cuff, cornhole, and stuff the Orange Turd once and for all, and be done with this! At this writing even Mike Pence is being investigated for having classified government documents in his private possession. If left unaddressed the GOP-induced shitshow is only going to get exponentially worse.

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