These congresspeople gotta do something—and fast! Geoff Livingston / Getty Images



Hannah, can I introduce you to the joys of Weather Underground, and its free 10-day forecast?


"Okay, now that we know to pack an umbrella"

Booooooo where's your Seattle pride?

But agreed on Yellowjackets!


the climate is Imploding
an unmoored polar vortex
fire seasons in Alaska and
year-round (mostly) in Cali
hurricanes worsening oceans
over-fished till nothing's left

but expect rain for the next few days
warmer than usual by not likely 75F
depending on the Weather, obvsly.


@1 - Dead right about Weather Underground. And, like the man said, you don't need a weatherman to tell you that.


Of course Sawant will run again. Those scarves don't pay for themselves.


I'm sure if meaningful gun control existed to prevent the six year old from accessing firearms he'd have just used his car (or big wheel, I guess in this case) to assault the teacher anyway.


@7: Socialist Alternative’s leadership regards Seattle’s District 3 seat on the Council as Socialist Alternative’s property, and will once again have her run for re-election. The fun part now is they can’t have her play the race and gender cards, although I suppose the immigrant card might still work.

I hope CM Nelson convenes a group of women BIPOC business owners in the 3rd District, and invites the two candidates for office to take part. It would be a great opportunity for Joy Killingsworth to meet and learn about an important group of District 3’s small employers — and for CM Sawant to call them all evil capitalist exploiters.


I'm all for the special counsel to investigate Biden. I think what happened with the documents was all an honest error, and that the investigation will prove it. Not that the Republicans will care about that or believe it, but it will serve as a counter to (suspected) closet queen and (alleged) molester enabler Jim Jordan.

And if he's guilty, he's guilty. That's the way it's supposed to work. Republicans are too dumb or corrupt to get that.


it's multinational Corps
deciding how many
Genders there are


@10 - You brought up a few good points. You're right. Someone like Joy Hollingsworth running against Sawant is Sawant's and her party's worst nightmare. Will Sawant try to demonize a local black small-businesswoman who is a generation D3 native from a historically marginalized neighborhood in Seattle? It'd make Sawant look racist especially if she tries to use the immigrant card and along with the reports of anti-black bias from South Asians.


@22 no you colossal dumbfuck that is not what happened.

Trump ignored a fucking subpoena asking for a large cache of classified and top secret documents. He lied about having them AFTER being contacted by NARA. He ignored NARA requests and was his own fucking staff that ratted and leaked that the documents were deliberately brought under Trump’s direction from the Whitehouse SCIF to Mar-A-Lago. Which what generated the requests from NARA in fucking first place. They KNEW Trump had them. Contacted Trump. Trump LIED said he didn’t. So NARA got the JD involved. A subpoena was issued. The subpoena was ignored. A search warrant was issued and the FBI came to Mar-A-Lago and fucking FOUND them based upon the snitch information in Trumps entourage.

THEN Trump lied AGAIN. Claimed the FBI planted the documents. You tucking MAGA shitbags forget this part. He lied in face of a search warrant, a subpoena, and the Justice Department. This alone is obstruction.

THEN more documents were found on the second search. AGAIN based on insufficient insider leaks. AGAIN Trump lied and said there were no more. Further obstruction plus lying to federal law enforcement.

It was the. Found a large portion of the cache had eyes only and top secret documents. Not SCIF only not just classified but TOP SECRET.

That is when Trump moved to block the investigation with his hand picked stooge federal judge who attempted to appoint the nonsensical unprecedented “special master.” This was simply to block JD from releasing the list of documents to investigators.

Okay shit bag. Listen up. Trump lied at every stage. Trump already had a history of using top sectret and classified information for partisan purposes (and even blackmail as in the case of Zelensky). But then sought to obstruct the release of the documents and the investigation after claiming the documents that did not exist were planted by the FBI. See where this is going?

Every administration deals with thousands of classified documents. That is not the issue. Every administration reviews documents after they leave office and the list of those documents is kept with NARA. It is not unusual for a past administration to keep ahold of “classified” material though rarely Top Secret material. When THAT happens NARA requires a chain of custody and often requests those documents back.

Trump deliberately ignored every protocol, doughy to both evade oversight and ignore lawful court orders. Lied to investigators and then blocked and obstructed recovery.

This is clearly criminal not neglect and there is ZERO comparison to Biden. ZERO.

Biden’s staff immediately contacted NARA on the direction of Biden himself. The Biden administration requested the special counsel and JD lead an investigation.

NARA and the JD now have total control over the documents. Had Trump been successful in his theft and evasion and obstruction on the other hand he would STILL have top secret documents.


It's sad about the trees slated for removal on Capitol Hill's Cornish campus on East Roy Street.

@22 Batshit: That's right, lil MAGAt. Keep telling yourself that. It's easier than the truth.

@23 RogertheShrubber: +1 for the WIN!! Spot on, well said and summarized.


@perfessor shrubbery
THNX for the scholarly rebuttal
to @17 & 22's phony af FOX-fAX

'they make 'em up
as they go along and
they hope and prey no
one fax-chex their song'

oh & Better Luck
Next Year Seahawks!


"But still this
is the biggest unforced
Democratic error of my lifetime." --@skiddy

bigger than Biden's following
the oft-failed trumpfster's
Afghanistan 'Exit Plan'?

bigger than Clinton's*
selling Dems out to
Corps Americana?

bigger than FDR's
New Deal? (jk)

just curious.

*his, not hers


@22: “You don't get brownie points for reporting.”

Actually, you do. Prompt reporting upon discovery is a mitigating factor in the loss of control of classified documents. Conflating that with intentional theft of classified materials, and attempted obstruction of official attempt to recover same, makes you look like a right-wing stooge.

@25: “People generally know what's in their garages and closets.”

Ha, ha, ha. I’ll show up at your residence in five minutes, and conduct a spot inspection. Prior to my opening a door or box, you’ll describe the contents. For every deviation found, I’ll fine you a dollar. Ready to put a considerable amount of your money where your fool mouth is? (Nope, didn’t think so.)


@35 - everything you've described has all occurred in her district since she won her recall election.

I'd love to hear what her supporters think of the good she's done for D3 since she won her recall election.


@32: I didn’t apologize for anyone. I corrected your false statement, and advised you about your equation of two dissimilar things, and how it makes you appear to be a right-wing stooge. Whether you admit to your false statement or apologize for it are your problems, not mine; likewise whether you care about your image here or not.

“…you should know what they mostly contain, such as work stuff. That's enough of a starting point.”

Nice try at a dodge. The entire point here is that Baden’s various government positions required him to read many documents, some classified. The difference in content between a classified document and an unclassified one can be very small, hence my proposed dollar fine for any deviation, no matter how small.

“I see no reason for not faulting Biden on that.”

I agree; I was merely pointing out how easy it would be for him to violate the rules without intent. We’ll see what the investigation reveals.


@38: No, noting that he legitimately had plenty of information to process is not a dodge, because I’m not trying to excuse Biden for anything. I was merely showing how fatuous your claim was. That’s entirely about you, not Biden.


@32 Batshit: I wouldn't put raindrop, the SLOG Troll King of Misinformation on a pedestal, lil MAGAt. You're both bound for a great fall. If raindrop planned to bungee jump off the Aurora Bridge butt naked during rush hour on Friday, January 20, 2023 would you do it, too?
Here's a hint: if you answered "yes" it only proves how truly stupid and gullible you are.

@34 raindrop: You got a new, equally brainwashed roomie! Wow, that was quick. Where did you recruit Batshit (@32) from, the parking lot at an Orange Turd hate rally? Cut down your sodium intake as well as your sugar, the both of you clowns, before you start rabidly frothing at the mouth.


@6 dvs99: For an accurate 14 day weather forecast there is the Seattle-based weather hotline at (206) 526-6087. It covers the greater Puget Sound region and throughout Washington State.


@43: Yes indeed, you are atmospherically predictable, raindrop. Bored much?

@44 Batshit: So now you're even ranting against raindrop, the SLOG Troll King of Misinformation, too?
One recommendation: You might want to check your grammar and spelling, too, before blindly spewing. LOL
How often do you chase your tail? Stop if you start to feel dizzy.



W.J. Clinton was a man of
Overlarge appetities and
we're paying Dearly
for them now.

and not Planning
is the same as Failing.

*have you considered
Brown undies? the
ones that come
that way al-


@40 if she does that low, it'll backfire on her badly.


@50 -- so
that's a No
on them Brownies?
it comes in Shirts too.

W.J. Clinton was a man of
Overlarge appetities and
we're paying Dearly
for them still.

why doth neoliberalism
rhyme so Well with
Austerity? & how
'Bout them In-
Terest Rates?

who don't Love a
little Usury to keep
workers' wages down?


@46: Oh yeah, that's right. You and Batshit (formerly David in Shoreline, perhaps?) already have a room.
Don't worry about me, raindrop dear. I am in the middle of another orchestrated project right now, and will be playing music again tonight after dinner.


@51: CM Sawant didn’t hesitate to claim thousands upon thousands of her fellow citizens in District 3 were “racist” and “right wing” for accurately describing her malfeasance, so she might well do it again anyway. Her near-total lack of legislative accomplishments leaves her with little positive record to defend, which is why her re-election campaigns have always relied on attacking her opponents. The recall election result showed how any opponent will now start with nearly half the vote, and if she calls another woman of color a lackey for white men, she’s begging for the lily-white leadership of Socialist Alternative to become a campaign issue.

With her margins of victory becoming ever-narrower, any change could doom her. For example, the Stranger has already noted how ineffectual her legislative efforts have been. If they continue to deliver anything but a full-throated roar for her re-election, that alone could sink her next candidacy.


@55 if she doesn’t “earn” TS endorsement she won’t even make it out of the primary. I’d get ready for some bills to suddenly start coming out of her committee. They’ll be garbage but it won’t matter because if they get turned down she’ll play her victim card and scream how she is she is the only one fighting for “working people.”


@56: I wish I shared your optimism about ridding District 3 of CM Sawant in the primary, thus making the general election about policy, rather than the Unquestionably Great Radical Glory of Comrade Sawant.

@58: Nothing like having a flat-out racist condescendingly judging other commenters’ politics. In most of the country Toby and I would be considered either classic or lefty liberals. Only in the world of abject failure that is modern Seattle “progressives” are we anywhere near conservative.

@48, @52: Still carrying filthy water for the party of Tearoom Queens and Boy-Chasers, I see. Yes, they were very deeply enraged at Bill Clinton for his ease in getting a young-yet-adult woman to provide sexual services for him, without his first having to put twice — no, THREE TIMES!! — the previously agreed-upon amount clearly in sight on the table. Nobody here could possibly have any doubt that you feel their pain. Acutely. Every day. Several times.


Slick Willy's conquests
pale in comparison
to his capitulations
which draggle us
daily into your


@60: Abandoning your previous statements? Clearly a wise move for you.

Clearly the only wise move for you.


(Agreeing with @54, I’ll take Bill Clinton’s achievements over those of any politician you’ve ever helped to elect. Enjoy your purity.)


sure tentsore
he was Loverly
tho there's This:

That set the stage for how Washington politicians sized up Clinton. He was seen as devoid of modest political courage, a blurrer of differences with the Republican opposition party and anything but the decisive transforming leader he promised to be was he to win the election.

He proceeded, instead, to take credit for developments with which he had very little to do with such as the economic growth propelled by the huge technology boom.

Bragging about millions of jobs his Administration created, he neglected to note that incomes stagnated for 80% of the workers in the country and ended in 2000, under the level of 1973, adjusted for inflation.

A brainy White House assistant to Mr. Clinton told me in 1997 that the only real achievement his boss could take credit for was passage of legislation allowing 12 weeks family leave, without pay.

There are changes the Clinton Administration actively championed that further entrenched corporate power over our economy and government during the decade.

He pushed through Congress the NAFTA and the World Trade Organization (WTO) agreements that represented the greatest surrender in our history of local, state and national sovereignty to an autocratic, secretive system of transnational governance.
This system subordinated workers, consumers and the environment to the supremacy of globalized commerce.

That was just for starters.

Between 1996 and 2000, he drove legislation through Congress that concentrated more power in the hands of giant agribusiness, large telecommunications companies and the biggest jackpot—opening the doors to gigantic mergers in the financial industry.

The latter so-called “financial modernization law” sowed the permissive seeds for taking vast financial risks with other peoples’ money (ie. pensioners and investors) that is now shaking the economy to recession.

The man who pulled off this demolition of regulatory experience from the lessons of the Great Depression was Clinton’s Treasury Secretary, Robert Rubin, who went to work for Citigroup—the main pusher of this oligopolistic coup—just before the bill passed and made himself $40 million for a few months of consulting in that same year.

Bill Clinton’s presidential resume was full of favors for the rich and powerful. Corporate welfare subsidies, handouts and giveaways flourished, including subsidizing the Big Three Auto companies for a phony research partnership while indicating there would be no new fuel efficiency regulations while he was President.

His regulatory agencies were anesthetized. The veteran watchdog for Public Citizen of the Food and Drug Administration, Dr. Sidney Wolfe, said that safety was the worst under Clinton in his twenty nine years of oversight.

The auto safety agency (NHTSA) abandoned its regulatory oath of office and became a consulting firm to the auto industry. Other agencies were similarly asleep—in job safety (OSHA) railroads, household product safety, antitrust, and corporate crime law enforcement.

By reappointing avid Republican Alan Greenspan, chairman of the Federal Reserve, Mr. Clinton assured no attention would be paid to the visible precursors of what is now the sub-prime mortgage crisis.

--Ralph Nader

more @:

yes whilst you may Love
Corporate America
my love interests
lie elsewhere.


@63: Ralph Nader made possible Justice Scalia, author of the overturning of Roe. But what are the butchered bodies of teenage rape victims when compared to your precious, precious political purity?

“Slick Willie,” and your oh-so-clever (for you) references to Clinton’s private life; please don’t now try to pretend you have a rational basis for your attacks upon him, or that you’re doing anything other than eagerly making common cause with the very same right-wingers you claim everyone else to be. What elected office did Nader hold? Again, I’ll defend Clinton’s accomplishments against Nader’s putting Chaney-W. within cheating distance.


@64: Thank you for that correction. Different name, same outcome — and therefore same question for our Nader-loving Slogger: how many women will die as a result?


well thank God Nader
had himself a transgression
as opposed to a Legacy of them

but your alacrity
in shooting the Messenger"
speaks Volumes re your Concern
for helping make America Corporate

*Rupert 'Uncle Snoopy' Murdoch
Melon Musk and el Zucky
insidiousy Appreciate
you two well-pod-
ded peas.

Happy MLK day.
now kindly fuck off.


@67: Ooh, testy! Did our repeated references to what the never-elected Nader actually “accomplished” — W., Judge Alito, downfall of Roe, and thus teenaged rape victims having the ‘choice’ between back-alley butchery and single motherhood — really hurt your smug little feelings of anti-corporate superiority? Poor baby.

You know what’s worse than corporate-liberal Democrats in power? Attacking Iraq because W ignored clear warnings of 9/11. Twenty solid years of war in Afghanistan, ending in Taliban restoration. (Again because W ignored clear warnings of 9/11.) A possible Russian Mafiya stooge stealing classified documents from the White House, and also committing Seditious Conspiracy on his way out. (Good thing CM Sawant campaigned so long and hard against Clinton in 2016, eh?)

I wish you a lifetime of communicating solely with persons who still use the phrase, “Slick Willie.” You richly deserve each other. The rest of us deserve far, far better.


fuck RIGHT off with your it's Naders FAULT

he didn’t fucking Lose
Gore won Florida
by 20K

enter john Roberts &
exit an anemic alGore

there's fucking OODLES
more why Gore failed
why Hillary failed
ad vomitas

but sure
blame Everything
that's Happend Since
on Ralph Nader

oh and to hell with
Democratic socialism.

pro-corporate dems
are gonna help the
Reich take this
place down

nothing like
having 5 companies
control 90% of what
America watches 5 more
running the Internet and Ninety Per-
cent right wing ownership of AM Radio

that doesn't bother you?
Monopolies - you're
Okay with them?

they shape the Planet
for those cunning
enough to Grab
the Planet by
its Balls and
squeeze as
Hard as

wonder where
MLK'd be
on this

oh and apparently
you haven;t read
your own

I wouldn't
Recommed it.


Oops -- apologies!

oh and apparently
you haven't read
your own

I wouldn't
Recommend it.

😢 Happy Martin Luther King, Jr., Day anyway!


btw, wtf was up with Gore
and Slick Willy? why the
fucking BREAK-UP Just
Be-FORE the fucking
ELECTION? on what
fucking Planet did
THAT make the
Remotest of

emasculating Gore
I put squarely on
William Jeffer-
Son Clinton.


so if Clinton
turned the Electorate
OFF to Gore then whose
Fault would That be? Nader's too?

be Consistent now.

nevermind the 90,000
Black likely-Dem voters
gee dubya had baby-bro Jeb
Discard just Proir to the Election.

it just weakens
your argument.

Blame Game


moving On: with Thom Hartmann
re Debt Ceiliing and Economic
Terrorists (he's a Progressive
so Watch your Eyes):

"So here we are in 2023.

[brand new SOTH Kevvy-boy] McCarthy, whose willingness to burn the nation down in 2011 led to Boehner replacing him with Paul Ryan, seems perfectly willing to try another high-stakes game of chicken.

Although this time, multiple members of his caucus assert, they’re not going to raise the debt ceiling unless Democrats agree to massive cuts in entitlements and other programs.

And Democrats are adamant: as the White House declared last week, there will be no negotiations with political terrorists who’d hold our nation hostage just to get lower future taxes for their billionaire patrons.

House Republicans are playing with fire and appear to be blissfully ignorant of how destructive it could become."

Tonnes More at

you Mean
he Would Have
had not Roberts
and his fellow Fascists
not voted for the Sanctity
of the CHENEY/ bush Campaign

see: above


@63: Thanks for the memory. I hadn’t known Ralph Nader was still attacking Bill Clinton a full seven years after the man left office. That totally shows how Nader was never in any sense out to get Clinton, or to derail Al Gore’s presidential run. Truly a good public citizen, that Mr. Nader.

Do you know what happened between 2008 and 2000? That’s right, 2004:

“However, among Mr Nader's new supporters this election is the billionaire Richard Egan, who was appointed ambassador to Ireland after raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for President Bush. Campaign monitors say other big Republican donors have contributed as well. In Oregon, also poised for a tight contest, two conservative groups admitted telephoning supporters to help put Mr Nader on the ticket.”

So: was your great Mr. Nader a Republican stooge, or a Republican patsy? It looks like we don’t even have to choose!


No need for you to fuss, though: everyone knows your precious purity consists entirely of words, not deeds. Mr. Nader could take all the Republican ca$h he wanted in 2004, and still be your eminently quotable Voice of Purity years later. (Did he ever use the term, “Slick Willie”? So very many people who agree with you still do. You really should spend more time with them.)


you Mean
he Would Have
had not Roberts
and his fellow Fascists
not voted for the Sanctity
of the CHENEY/ bush Campaign


which eventually
the DID and found
that alGore* Had in fact
WON the FUCKING race
he so graciously fucking
CONCEDED. gotta be Nader

*anemic Al
Dems at this stage
of it all need a fucking
Firebrand instead of milquetoasts


words not deeds?

aren't you the same guy
who Congratulated me on
my Move a year ago when
I hadn't Mentioned it Once?

was does That
say abut you?

head's up


@78: Thanks for the exact totals. Even his fictional 20,000-vote margin for Gore @69 pales in comparison to the number of “let’s spite/screw the Dems” votes given to Nader in 2000. The Republicans knew exactly what they were doing when they financed and supported Nader in 2004.

@80: Because he knows it’s all true: Iraq, Afghanistan, the overturn of Roe, the election of Trump. ALL of these happened because of, or with the support of, purity progressives like himself and CM Sawant. And just as Republican support for Nader in 2004 meant Democrats had to spend time, money, and effort in states they would otherwise have counted as safely theirs, now we pro-choice advocates will spend many years getting legal abortion restored in states where “Slick Willie” still gets used in exactly the way he used it @60. No one will ever know the exact total of broken and butchered female bodies that will pile up and up and up before we can do that, but we do know it’s all the fault of purity progressives like himself, who worked together with the Republicans to make it happen.


yeah whatever

in a Letter to the New York Times
by Esau McCaulley, today:

Martin Luther King Jr.’s
Last Sunday Sermon Was
on the Perils of Not Being Woke

one comment on the Letter:

As a white native of Atlanta who was on MLK's side in the 50s, I'm not at all worried about the very large number of quite well-off blacks in America today. They need no "wokeness" anymore at all, no more than the Obama family per se does. I now want a "wokeness" based on class, not race.

I want an FDR "wokeness" of solidarity in which all people of goodwill are focused on the common problems of poor schools, poor child care, and poor job prospects for the lower classes of America in general, as the wealth of the rich keeps exploding further and further into the stratosphere.

King himself, with the gigantic achievements of the Civil Rights laws behind him, was more and more focused on economic justice for all suffering Americans in his final years.

Poverty was his North Star, even more than race.

I wish liberals of all races could return to that late King, FDR political orientation in an effort to unite the poor and working-class regardless of race or ethnicity in a common struggle for economic justice for all.

For too long rich neoliberal Dems have collaborated with rich Republicans to mutually focus on the culture war centered on race, which is great for all the rich, because it divides and conquers lower-class voters who, united, could easily create a much more economically just America than the one rich, equally neoliberal Dems and Republicans have profited from so handsomely, at the expense of our masses shattered by the globalized economy of all our economic elites.

Fred White, Baltimore


@77; Quote and url, or it didn’t happen. (I’m guessing you’ll once again take the latter.) But, more importantly, back to that point you’re trying to dodge:

Nice to see Ralph Nader could take all the Republican money and aid he wanted to run against liberals, and still be in your good graces. Progressive purity depends on words and identity, not deeds and outcomes. Thank you for confirming that for us.


that writes
Like this lives in
His mothers
Laid in
A whorehouse if
His life
On it
Dude… you need to get your shit together and get a life. Jesus.


Kristo… when MLK was around there were only 4 channels and everyone that was able to get all four was more than happy to get them. No one screamed monopoly. They felt lucky to get that many. There were places in the eighties that felt lucky to get two channels like Fargo. Entitled much? Mom pays for your cable and let you stay in the basement for free too?


Put the bong down and really make a point. You could have done so much more. Are you laying next to him
While also
Living in his
Mothers basement?


@69 kristofarian: What I find most worrisome right now is U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen's dire warning that the United States will reach its debt ceiling on Thursday, January 19, 2023. If we don't act now we could be in default by this June and in a recession worse than the Great Depression of 1929-1939, after the stock market crash.
Spineless Kevin McKKKarthy playing chicken with the House gavel really scares me. The last thing our country needs are endless government shutdowns because corrupt RepubliKKKan egotists can't get their shit together until we lose WWIII.

@84 Dumbshit182: ....and yet you're typing the exact same way. Look in the mirror. Pot, meet kettle.
@85 Dumbshit182: Oh, I see. You're very fittingly Batshit's little brother, aren't you? Are you out for revenge because your MAGAt delusional Big Bro got his feelings hurt and tighty whities in a Santorum* wad, and stormed off to binge watch FOX TeeVee? Which one of you has top bunk?
*Feel free to Google search the definition.


@87 shoobop re @84: Thank you for beating me to it.
My sincere apologies for the misunderstanding in a previous comment thread.

@88 Dumbshit182: WOWEEE, lil MAGAt----did Batshit just hit you over the head with a giant sock full of cow manure?
"Ohhhhh, a WISE GUY!---nyuk nyuk nyuk!" or "Homey don't PLAY that!" You're obviously dying of Bore-Dumb while fahtin' fer yer Free Dumbs. Are you both rooming at raindrop's? Did the cable go out?


@73: I find it interesting, raindrop dear, that you failed to mention that Jeb Bush was Governor of Florida in 2000, and who conveniently served two terms from 1999 to 2007. I call that hardly a coincidence. Anything to protect those Bush oil interests in the Middle East.
Coming to a war zone near you! Gulf War II: the Sequel, claiming to be searching for "Weapons of Mass Destruction" White House teapots. Oh, that Dubya. What could go wrong?

Just imagine what a utopian world we COULD be living in now if Former VP Al Gore--An Inconvenient Truth, indeed---and Former First Lady, Secretary of State, and Senator Hillary Clinton, who both won by the popular vote---had gotten sworn into the White House instead of their RepubliKKKan opponents.


Auntie… isn’t it past your bedtime at the home? Puzzle night maybe got you excited. I’m a center left Democrat. Is expecting people to have jobs and be responsible a Republican thing? Jen Bush had nothing to do with his brother getting elected. You can thank Ralph Nader and the Supreme Court. Take time from bingo night and study up.


But an even worse side-effect of the Supreme Court legalizing political bribery has been the explosion of great wealth at the top — inequality — that has directly pushed the collapse of the American middle class and the weakening of American democracy.

The middle class has fallen from about two-thirds of us to fewer than half of us, and even at that it takes two incomes to maintain a lifestyle a single income could support before Reagan.

As the headline at TIME Magazine reads about the period from the beginning of the Reagan Revolution to today:

“The Top 1% of Americans Have Taken $50 Trillion From the Bottom 90%—And That’s Made the U.S. Less Secure”

Inequality has exploded: the morbidly rich now have so much cash slopping around that they’re using their pocket change to shoot themselves into outer space on giant penis-shaped rockets, and build luxury survivalist bunkers that resemble small underground cities.

And most all of it tracks back to five corrupt Republicans on the US Supreme Court saying there’s nothing wrong with billionaires and giant corporations handing wads of cash to legislators and elected judges — local, state, and federal — in exchange for the laws, rulings, regulations, and tax rates they want.

--Tom Hartmann


@86: The last time I so much as watched a local TV news report in Seattle was back in the ‘90s. A simple search of the Stranger reveals the person you’re hating on now is probably Jonathan Choe, so great work on confirming your total not-racism against Asians.


@92: Tat's right, raindrop dear. Keep telling yourself that. You know better but are just too chickenshit and MAGA brainwashed to admit the inconvenient truth.

@93 Dumbshit182: That's a GOOD little MAGAt! Do you get a doggie treat every time raindrop commands you to heal, sit, and stay? At least you get free cable, right?

@94: kris for the WIN! Suck it and choke, MAGAts!

@96: OH, the MAGA brainwashing, raindrop dear! How do you stand it? But I guess you're programmed like a bootlicking robot, right?

How about that? It's 3:56 am at this writing and Griz has no typos! Amen to medicinal red wine.


@97 re @92: No typo intended. Raindrop makes for a good Tweety. Good enough.


Bazinga dear, perhaps you missed the part where I wrote

"And if he's guilty, he's guilty. That's the way it's supposed to work. Republicans are too dumb or corrupt to get that."

Maybe I should have added "blindly partisan", just for you?


@97: My apologies, tesorna. @96 was meant for @95.

@99: Catalina for the WIN!!

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