Tomorrow will look like this all day? Charles Mudede



The MyBallard article makes no mention of the property owner increasing rent on Full Tilt merely that they aren’t renewing their lease. That isn’t necessarily greedy. What if they lease that space to a minority business or sell to a developer to build housing units?


"The cops protecting the right of corporate profits to continue to bring the only world that humans will ever call home to an end… "

"'[Greta,] whose world is this? The world is yours. The world is yours.' All the young people out there, this is your only world. And also that of the mud wizard."

so take the fucker
AWAY from those
Fossil Fools ASAP
and plant your
Freak Flag on
their Graves

and how do we Know
good toddler w/gun
wasn't out looking
for Bad toddler
w/uzi? Well
we Don't
Bullets do.


Gosh I wonder why the owner of a low-rise building on a lot zoned for a multi-story residential building might not want to renew the lease of a pinball arcade?

Great location less than a minute by foot from several major bus lines?

Perchance they plan on converting the building into a couple hundred apartments in the near future and having it empty gives them more flexibility.

Maybe we should have some type of design review on new construction with one of the criteria being giving local and existing small businesses accommodation.

If such considerations were to be made I am sure Matt Baume, Will Casey, Hannah Krieg, and Charles Mudede would right snarky screeds defending the free market rights of real estate developers to build anything they want.

In any case the owners of Ballard Consignment, Rachel's Bagels, and probably Billy Beach Sushi should start looking for new locations yesterday.




@1 You've got to learn the code D13.

Homeowners opposed to seeing houses with shaded lots turned into cramped lots filled with 8 or 12 luxury townhomes = NIMBYism

First and second generation immigrant business owners opposed to seeing their ethnic neighborhood turned into a sprawling homeless encampment = right wing NIMBYism.

Hipsters writers at an alternative news blog aghast that their favorite dive bar or arcade is being torn down to make way for apartments = that's taking a stand against the Man and Capitalism Baby!


Charles, why do you have the premise that it takes a conservative to be concerned about crime, and or it's conservative to do a news story on crime?


@5 yup, pretty much. It’s amazing that to point this out it apparently makes one an evil right winger somehow!


Yeah kristo - it takes a good toddler with a gun to stop a bad toddler with a gun!
Mommy ! I want more captain crunch! Right now! Or else!


My home lost 25% of its value last year! Yay?


they want ALL babies to Live
so's to shoot at each other
w\NRA-Approved WMDs
it's just Capitalism baby.

and Chas gets his Rain


Tasty Gore: Child and Gun


Hey kristo
Check out these pigs taking a momemt from their violent oppression to help Greta stage a photo Op.
For as stupid as r/conspiracy is most of the time, sometimes it's good for a now golly would you look at that.


@5 ah right. Thanks for the refresher. I lost my urbanist bullshit decoder ring so forgot how it goes. Cheers!


@6 Because Conservatives always get their pearls, I mean panties, in knot over crime, but only want to exaggerate it. We can reduce crime more effectively by reducing the excessive compensation and budgets that law enforcement has gained during the war on some drugs, and fully funding mental health care and addiction treatment. It's simply more cost effective to address the causes of the current homelessness epidemic that is driving our current wave of petty crime.


Cleaner link.


@12/15 You might want to read the "unpacking" and/or debunking of your hopeful situation from the link you provided. A: It's how German police can be. B: She did nothing serious. C: They were waiting to formally transport her. Here, have a better link to your treasured footage:



You have all these extreme people who think that there should not be prisons.
They’re crazy.

There are people out here who will take your life and think nothing of it — go have lunch, like, literally think zero about taking your life — and they have to be removed from society.



That video doesn't give much more context other than standing around before being marched off. Instead of being marched striaght off. Not much of a bebunking just a slight reframing


@8 pat L: I'm so glad I never had children. Any daughter or son I might have had won't face the gun crazed RWNJ batshit morons out loose now, particularly in stores and public schools, or neofascist NRA loving RepubliKKKans.

@9 Totoman: Ouch! That really bites. I can't imagine being a homeowner right now.

@17 STII: They're known as RepubliKKKans.


@10: kris for the WIN!!!


@19 & @20: Not bad for grammar and spelling, considering Griz is comfortably numb at this writing.


@16: It takes a petty mind to label murders, assaults, rapes, and robberies as petty.


it takes an even Pettier
mind to ignore the
Causes & focus
solely on the

but here
we Are.


@19...The republikkkans have been out of power in this state and especially Seattle for decades now; you would think that Seattle at least would be a liberal utopia by now.


@23 responses like that are exactly why so little progress has been made on these issues. By externalizing the reasons for crime you remove any personal accountability while ignoring the face that a great deal many more people in similar or worse circumstances get by without victimizing others in the community. Preying on another person is a choice full stop and there should be appropriate consequences for those choices.


Dems haven't gone anywhere
they've just doubled down on
the doubling down bertha this
ain't Scandinavia via Ballard on
La Sea and maybe never will be

we've got Billionaires
to Guide us and you
Know their profiteer-
ings are Sacrosanct.


'it takes an even Pettier
mind to ignore the
Causes & focus
solely on the

"By externalizing
the reasons for crime
you remove any personal accountability... "

nonsense d13r.
I'm re-distrubuting
Some of the Responsibility.

placing All of our Eggs
in a Few cunning people's
bank accounts isn't Working:

remove the Causes
& the Symptoms
will Follow.


Why are America’s plutocrats funding efforts to weaken our democracy and replace it with plutocracy and oligarchy? Is it just about money? Or is there something much deeper that most Americans rarely even consider?

An extraordinary investigative report from tells how morbidly rich families, their companies, and their personal foundations are funding efforts to limit or restrict democracy across the United States.

In an article co-published with The Guardian, they noted:

“The advocacy arm of the Heritage Foundation, the powerful conservative think tank based in Washington, spent more than $5m on lobbying in 2021 as it worked to block federal voting rights legislation and advance an ambitious plan to spread its far-right agenda calling for aggressive voter suppression measures in battleground states.”

Their efforts have had substantial success, as you can read in Documented’s article:

--@Thom Hartmann:

have no Doubt
about it: it IS
Class Warfare
& the Upper
Class is Win-
ning Mass-


@27: The mental disorders, and resultant drug addictions driving most homelessness in Seattle are not the fault of your phantom fascist-billionaire bogeymen. (There are no prescriptions for meth’.) As already noted, there are plenty of non-addicted poor persons in Seattle who never steal or assault, so listing income inequality alone as a reason for crime merely insults Seattle’s working poor. As I recounted above, our collective failure to build national healthcare or to end our War on (Certain People via the Excuse They Use Certain) Drugs means diversion programs and drug courts/court-mandated treatment programs are our best ways of getting addicted criminals off Seattle’s streets and into recovery. Ignore that and you’ll remain part of the problem, because none of your ‘solutions’ will work anytime soon, if ever.


sure tentsy
& Housing as
Commodity has
Nothing to Do with
diseases of Despair do they

you Neolibs're
so Status Quosie
surely the Billionaires
gotchya by the brainstems.


"... so listing
income inequality
alone as a reason for crime... "

which in your furor
you've rewritten
what I wrote

"... merely insults
Seattle’s working poor."

not to mention
tS's Readership.

fuck off
with your
False witnessing.


This is the point Kristofarain can't think of an effective argument and just gets mad and spews profanity.


re-writing my words
is a lousy 'argument' but
you're just as 'right' as usual
dewwy. and then there's This:

"Let's consider the past election season. Democrats have breathed a deep sigh of relief that they only narrowly lost their majority in the US House and (whew!) barely escaped the ignominy of losing the Senate to a covey of screaming right-wing lunatic contenders including Blake Masters (AZ), Don Bolduc (NH), and Herschel Walker (GA). Could'a been a helluva lot worse, argue defensive Dem leaders, trying to assure grassroots activists that We'll get 'em next time.

Oh? Not with the same ol' game plan of playing not to lose and running as the party of safe corporate moderates--mostly good on social issues, but pathetically meek-to-weak on fighting the moneyed profiteers that routinely run roughshod over workaday families and our environment. Yes, 2022 could have been worse, but--hello!--it could have been much, much better."
--Jim Hightower

tonnes More at:


@31: Ok, strike the word ‘alone’, with my apologies for the obvious anguish my error has caused you, huff some smelling salts, and then ask why the vast majority of poor persons in Seattle aren’t out camping on the sidewalks and in the parks in tents.

Good luck with that.


@12,15,16 Last vid looks like the cops wanted their pic with her as much as she was looking for a photo op.....and the whole thing looks like it was sponsored by Nike.


American toddlers are so uniquely violent (more so than European toddlers or Asian toddlers) it's clear therefore we only have one solution: To supply the more violent American toddlers with more guns.

Because, according to American gun nuts, there is this special force field over America nullifying gun regulation and laws that work everywhere else and that when some unknown but ever increasing number of guns is reached gun violence magically disappears.


There are two things that kill local retail:

increased costs
increased rent

All the rest is fiction, used to justify the public paying for their mistakes.


@37: Also a lack of customers, right?

And what would cause a lack of customers? Hmmm?


Right. Because crime doesn't matter. Crime isn't happening. Crime isn't real. It's not something to worry about. That's why downtown is shuttered. Worrying about street safety and vandalism is so right-wing. And even if it were a problem, you have to pick and choose which is more important to address at community meetings: crime, or skyrocketing rents. It's either/or. That isn't a false dichotomy at all.

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