Low Income Housing Gets A Finger Wag From King County Regional Homelessness Authority CROUTON



This is the kind of thing that happens when you throw money at a problem without any oversight. Marc Dones was handed the job in King County without any experience. I have family members making $80,000 a year working to help solve homelessness that have the experience of being homeless being how they got the iob. No shit. They are in charge of where dollars go. And we’re surprised it’s getting worse?


@3 The democrats can do better. Why stick with Sinema? She deserves to lose. I understand what happens if she becomes an independent.,


Ha ha, One Direction. I don't think I'd ever actually heard one of their songs and thought they were one of those boy bands, like a newer 'Nsync or whatever. They're not horrible! Or at least that song wasn't, just kinda generic, catchy pop, I gotta admit!

All that said, I gotta figure Tensor's gonna be piiiiiiiissed the fuck off about their inclusion here. Dude's gonna be fired up, watch out.



I don't know think there's ever been an idea or piece of legislation to emerge from the Senate with more bi-partisan support than that which exists for the hatred of Ted Cruz. It'd be Senate Majority Leader McConnell or some other like minded shitstain, but not Cruz.

And I'd hope a challenge to Sinema doesn't garner enough support to bring her seat into jeopardy, but even if it does I don't see how you could possibly think that race is a throwaway. The right/GOP are just as prone to partisan in-fighting as us, and have seen extreme right wing factions within their ranks cost them plenty of races. This "problem" (and I'm obviously not even sure how problematic it is for an individual or group to refuse to compromise their personal principals for a cause they're only moderately supportive of) seems more specific to human beings than it is to us Dems.

Though I'll reiterate my support for Sinema, as I'm a lazy cynic who'd generally prefer to comfortably avert disaster rather than pursue something grandiose and noble that required a ton of effort & rally. Unless maybe the rally was happening someplace with free drinks and fancy h'orderves. Then it's obviously Power to the People.


*principles, obviously, in addition to the dumb redundant typo within the first three words of the comment there


So, exactly how many dead persons is LIHI getting paid public money to house?


LIHI hiding deaths, WACC founder allegedly stealing millions; been a good week for local non-profits.


@13: Duly noted. With CMs Herbold and Sawant not returning, let’s hope some adults on the Council put the proper controls on SHARE, LIHI, and the rest of Seattle’s Homeless-Industrial Complex.


@2 & @5, Hi Sir Toby II,

You have more common sense than most, and I guess your centrist take on this particular candidate is fitting with that, but you also have to consider the long game and how your position affects Dems moving forward. We're in a war of attrition, and the Dems are losing because they're always on the defense, always trying to protect what they have in the short term. Vote for Biden or else. Vote for Schumer or else. Vote for Pelosi or else. Always vote for what you think will protect what you already have versus voting for what you want.

Are Arizona Dems just supposed to support Sinema for as long as she wants to be a Senator because otherwise she might be a spoiler? Sound a lot like hostage taking.

The Sinema political base is in no way comparable to Sanders' political base. Just because they're both "independents" doesn't put them in the same political boat. Sanders is popular with Dems. Sinema is not.

Sinema is an openly corrupt con-artist with a cool wardrobe. Dems absolutely hate her. In a recent Dem voter poll, Gallego eviscerated Sinema 74% to 16%. Gallego isn't the spoiler. Sinema would be. If she runs as an independent, she's acting as a political terrorist. And you have to decide how much you want to bow to terrorists.

It's doubtful she will run again. She won't win, she would only spoil. With all her Wall Street bribery, er... "connections", she'll be looking for a cushy consultant job.

You might want to check out this short article that challenges some of your notions.


I’m of the opposite camp. Sinema is out for herself only. She will fund raise from corporations for 2 years, and get lots of media attention.
But no way she wins in either a Dem or GOP primary.
Gallego will do better than expected. Gallego will raise a ton of money. I’d rather the Dems put forward a candidate of substance, rather than knuckle down to someone self-serving.
You are correct in that the 2024 Senate ‘cycle’ is the worst of the 3 for the Democrats overall


@15: “Always vote for what you think will protect what you already have versus voting for what you want.”

Yes, following that rule would have kept Roe from being overturned. Now some number of young, poor women will die horribly because left-wing voters in 2000, 2004, and 2016 just had to vote for Nader or Stein instead of for Gore, Kerry, or Clinton.


@15: “Always vote for what you think will protect what you already have versus voting for what you want.”

Yes, such a course of action would have saved Roe. Now, some number of young, poor women will die horribly because persons like CM Sawant convinced enough voters in 2000, 2004, and 2016 that voting for Nader or Stein would send those awful corrupt Dems a message.


Hannah dear, the Sisters of Providence bailed out Swedish. Because of that, I don’t think Swedish allows abortions anymore.

But I wouldn’t blame the sisters, or even the larger church. That is their theology, and it is what it is. What needs to happen is what happened in Canada: the government should go to the Catholic Church (which I believe is still the largest healthcare provider in the nation) and say “thank you for your service. Here’s a big fat check for your hospitals. Be out by the end of the month”

Otherwise, we’re just complaining that a cat isn’t a dog.


@23 Rich and powerful individuals and orgs using their riches and power to impose their whims on a larger society is not restricted to the hospital biz. Your proposed solution could solve a lot of problems in many other parts of the economy.

But in this specific case, Catholic entities wouldn't have been able to pull this stunt before the recent spate of abortion-related rulings from the USSC.


The procedure, Sister Catalina, is available at other hospitals and clinics. Why harm the community with further lack of staffing that's available that our dear Sisters currently provide? There's already a nursing shortage the government would have to contend with. This would be throwing the baby out with the bathwater.


@25: We’re talking about an immensely rich and powerful organization, elected by nobody, subject to no outside oversight, which spent centuries killing anyone who disagreed with it (if they did so loudly and effectively enough). This same organization spent the last century protecting child rapists from the consequences of their acts. Now they use their money and tax-exempt status to further limit women’s rights to choose, in what is supposed to be a secular republic, not a theocracy. “Harm to the community” has pretty much been their thing for a very long time.


@26: Well, be that as it may, practicality means being practical. One of these centuries the Catholic Church will be gone and everyone from Henry VIII on will rejoice. Amen.


25…. The best thing I’ve read all week.


The Catholic church is nothing more than the last vestiges of the ancient Roman empire. When the emperor Constantine was baptize as a Christian the pagan Roman church morphed into a Christian one. The pagan religion was entrenched into the Roman government and served to validate the government with the pagan gods; the pagans were then rolled into a single one.


The Catholic Church is a paper dragon. It’s basically the Sears of religion. Parishes are closing due to lack of clergy and attendees. It’’s hemorrhaging money and selling off its assets. The only place it’s growing is Asia and Africa. I think they might be quite open to unloading the hospitals. But we lack the intelligence to make that change to our healthcare system. Rather, we engage in mealy-mouthed platitudes like Our Dear Raindrop does so well.


@33: Well, do your part and write letters to hasten things if it really means that much to you. But be patient, climate changes occurs at a faster rate than the fading away of Catholicism. Until that millennium comes I'm sure you don't begrudge patients receiving care or the nurses and doctors giving it. That's not a platitude, that's common sense.


So Democrats need to vote for 'independent' Sinema or they're traitors but Democrats who voted for independent Nader are traitors? Sinema is an awful human being. A corporate proxy of a human.
Sinema/Santos 2024!


@17, @18, Hi ST2

Yes, your point stands that Dems are in trouble in the Senate. The pragmatic approach is we'd rather have Sinema/Manchin than a Republican. And I get that. And those partisan judge appointments are more crucial than ever. However, I've also been watching that approach for the last several decades, and look where we are as a country. Why is that?

So it's just not so clear cut to me that always going the "pragmatic" route is best in the long term. Maybe a "reckoning", as painful as that may be, is what we need. Maybe the nation needs to hit a "bottom" that will either force a revolution or further devolve into fascism. We're headed for the latter in any case, it's just how soon we're going to get there. For a lot of Dems, they're fine waiting out the clock.

If we look at the Dems in the same light as Seattle homeless junkies, we can debate whether to put them in jail, put them on a bus to Texas and Florida (I think worth considering), or put them in a shelter and give them food, or whatever. And the consequences of that are very real, both to the person and to the community. But we also have to step back and address why there are so many homeless junkies wandering the streets of our nation. If we don't address the broader issues, it's nearly impossible to make significant long-term progress.

There's obviously no easy answer.


@20, @21 Hi Tensorna

Yes, you have more common sense than most as well.

I was speaking "big picture". I wasn't suggesting never to be pragmatic. All three of those candidates were terrible choices, particularly Gore and Clinton, but I voted for them.

But why were they the candidates to begin with? Why did Gore pick Lieberman, a conservative, as his running mate? Why when given the keys, do Democrats immediately try to appease Repubs?

A lot of self-congratulatory rhetoric (I know not from you) about Dems not getting completely wiped out in the mid-terms (they still lost the House) just two years removed from Donald Trump (we're already forgetting the 24x7 shit show for 4 years that was) and an attempted coup.

SCOTUS wasn't just taken over by Taliban-like political hacks last summer. What's the Dems response been? Apparently just a fund-raising opportunity. How are Dems not wiping out Repubs based on Repub policy and just plain horribleness? If the shoe was on the other foot, Dems would never win another election.

So yeah, we can compartmentalize every election to a horse race. That's one way of looking at it. But "big picture", where is it getting us?

Best to you folks.


Very Well


@37: “All three of those candidates were terrible choices, particularly Gore and Clinton, but I voted for them.”

Why do you say that? I’m asking very sincerely. All three had experience in the Senate, Gore had been Vice-President during the most peaceful and prosperous time in the entire history of the United States, and Clinton had been our top diplomat, cleaning up after the self-inflicted foreign policy disasters of the candidate whom Nader helped to elect. Who would have been better, and why?

“Why did Gore pick Lieberman, a conservative, as his running mate?”

Electoral College, balancing the ticket; these are not secrets of the American Presidential election system, and they will remain until we amend our Constitution to elect our president with our popular vote.

“Why when given the keys, do Democrats immediately try to appease Repubs?”

Because they are still trying to govern. Unless the Democrats have 60+ seats in the Senate (and 70 would really be required) they cannot ignore the Republicans. Again, nothing secret or new here.

“Dems not getting completely wiped out in the mid-terms (they still lost the House)”

The President’s party almost always fares poorly in the midterms. That has been true since the days when only white men with property could vote.

“SCOTUS wasn't just taken over by Taliban-like political hacks last summer.”

No, Ralph Nader and Jill Stein worked for decades to make that happen. CM Sawant made her usual (i.e. miserably small) contribution , too.

“What's the Dems response been?”

If it had been up to me, a long full blast of WE TOLD YOU SO at anyone who’d ever voted Purity Troll instead of Effectively Pro-Choice, I.e. Democratic.

“How are Dems not wiping out Repubs based on Repub policy and just plain horribleness?”

What exactly are you proposing, voter suppression? I honestly do not understand.

‘So yeah, we can compartmentalize every election to a horse race. That's one way of looking at it. But "big picture", where is it getting us?‘

I agree. Waiting until the presidential election to tell the Democrats, “You’re not pure enough for us,” got Roe overturned. And, for the answer you’ve yet to consider, President Obama said it well: “Be the change you want to see.” Get out and work at the local level for lefty-liberal candidates and causes. That’s where it always starts.

@38: Tell us more about “Slick Willie” and his earth-shattering sexual appetites. (Kenneth Star would have been proud — if only he’d ever cared, or even known, about you.)


Hi Tensorna,

Since you asked sincerely, I wasn't speaking of their qualifications. Hilary was arguably the most qualified candidate to ever run for POTUS. They were "bad" candidates because they were either boring, or uncharismatic, or unlikeable, or a host of reasons that matter in modern politics. Dems think they can win on policy alone. You can't. It doesn't matter how good your policy is, you have to be able to sell it, you have to be able to lead people to it. This is obvious to Repubs, and it was obvious to me. Biden was a terrible candidate that just barely won only because Trump was that bad. A Dem should have won in a landslide. Again, have you already forgotten what the 4 years of Trump were like? Again, if the shoe was on the other foot, the Dem candidate would have been eviscerated.

I don't have the inclination to respond to your points, but you're just reciting the same Sunday show talking points that have been trodden out for decades, you wasted your time writing that all out - it's yank the pull-string responses. I'm speaking bigger picture than that. The current system is irrevocably broken. Dems need to start talking about changing it. Repubs do this every fucking day.

You keep blaming voters for voting for a spoiler candidate. And yes, they're asshats for doing so. But that is completely out of your control, out of my control. There will always be asshats. I'm making the argument that if Dem leaders were doing their job, not just in those elections, but over the last 40 years, it wouldn't have mattered.

And finally, Republicans are ultimately the ones to blame. People like Raindrop are to blame. I will call-out Dems for doing an absolutely atrocious job of using people and politics to advance policy, but it's Republicans who are the horrible people in all this. Never forget that.

That's it for me, I can't hang around this shit rag any longer. I made my quarterly visit. Yep, still the same shitty writing staff. I really don't know how you guys hang out here every day reading their crap.


levels are
in the Red Zone.

seek therapy.


@19 pat L: +1 for the WIN!! Spot on, agreed, seconded, and well said.

@41: Oh, so you prefer the Orange Turd? It is not only a rapist but the worst occupant of the White House--EVER. Spoken like a true MAGAt sock puppet, typically scared shitless of any woman, however well qualified to be President of the United States. The Orange Turd is a sick joke at the expense of everyone in the United States, thanks to Russian hackers, MAGAt idiots like you, and the electoral college.
Do you get a doggie treat every time you submit a trolling rant?


@43: As @42 noted, “Slick Willie” was a right-wing insult from decades ago. Your eager recycling of it says much about your own toxicity.

Look, Seattle voted overwhelmingly for candidates named Clinton. Wouldn’t you be happier someplace closer to where the insult “Slick Willie” originated, and with folks there who also still use it?


PiP's correct tensy
they (you) offer
us Shite and
ask Us 'well
Where ya

the Fascist
abyss awaits.

I Miss


Group Hug Everyone!


P.S. To Catalina (@33): Sorry I came across as condescending in 34. Just I hate to see you frustrated with such a desire of biblical proportions.


@46: I didn’t “give” you anything; I merely (upon request) related the reality of this situation. Either you’re going to get up off your ass and do something about it, or you’re not. Keep confusing repetition of decades-old anti-Clinton talking points with actually doing something, and I’ll continue to give you plenty of “toxicity” to whine about.

@49: Clinton was better than Trump, which is actually all that mattered. That you cannot see that, not even after Trump appointees overturned Roe, shows how truly irrelevant your objections are. Again, either go do something about it, or get used to voting for the least-worst candidate.


@51: I don’t know why anyone would bother putting anti-Clinton, anti-choice talking points on Slog, but if you and kristofarian want to look like inept and dated right-wing propagandists, I can’t stop you. I can merely point and laugh.


there's a
Litmus Test?

Dems' hatred
of Progessives
gonna sink our
little Experiment
in democracy. sad
well 'republicans' too:

Big fucking Money
gonna take Take TAKE
til WE the Peeps say NO Mas.

how Much're
We gonna Take?


Speaking of
running ruffshod
over the Citizenry:

this apparently was on FOX fucking 'news':

Greedy pharma firms
rip off Americans while
Pfizer, Moderna swim in profits

5 of the largest US pharma firms totaled $80 billion in profits, but millions of Americans can’t afford medicine

How is it that in Canada and other major countries the same medications manufactured by the same companies, sold in the same bottles are available for a fraction of the price that we pay in the United States?

Over the past 25 years, the pharmaceutical industry has spent $8.5 billion on lobbying and over $745 million on campaign contributions to buy politicians.

Incredibly, last year, the drug companies hired over 1,700 lobbyists including the former congressional leaders of both major political parties - over 3 pharmaceutical industry lobbyists for every Member of Congress.

The situation has become so absurd that Pfizer donated a million dollars to the Republican Party in Kentucky to expand its headquarters named after Senator Mitch McConnell, after Pfizer increased its profits by 140% in 2021 to $22 billion.

By Sen. Bernie Sanders

more juicy bits at:

tell us
once Again
tensy how Bernie
Sanders is Responsible
for all those nasty oh-so-FAR
reich wing 'justices' on OUR USSC?

I Never Tire
of that one.


speaking of being
Reamed by Corps
Americana LLC:

Over the past decade, 14 major pharmaceutical companies spent $747 billion not to make life-saving drugs more affordable, but to make their wealthy shareholders richer by buying back their own stock and handing out huge dividends – a sum that is $87 billion more than what they spent on research and development.




more from thee Most
Dangerous Senator
in the USOFA:

Over the past 25 years, the pharmaceutical industry has spent $8.5 billion on lobbying and over $745 million on campaign contributions to buy politicians.

Incredibly, last year, the drug companies hired over 1,700 lobbyists including the former congressional leaders of both major political parties - over 3 pharmaceutical industry lobbyists for every Member of Congress.

Examples of corporate greed within the pharmaceutical industry are limitless. Let's start with Moderna.

This is a company that received $1.7 billion from U.S. taxpayers to research and develop the COVID-19 vaccine and billions more to distribute it to the American people.

As a result, Moderna made $19 billion in profits over the past two years and its CEO (Stephane Bancel) became a billionaire who is now worth over $6 billion.

What is Moderna doing
to thank the American tax-
payer for their generous support?

It plans
to raise the price
of the COVID-19 vaccine
by 400% up to $130 when
it goes on the commercial market.

it costs just $2.85
to manufacture the product.

And, by the way, Moderna has already approved
a $926 million golden parachute for Mr.
Bancel once he leaves the company.


if We wanna WIN
we Won't do it
With Incre-
I'm Bored
to Tears
with it.

[this IS pretty fucking
BOLD of FOX for air-
iing this. I Salute
them for it.*]

*is that even
Allowed ?

it's FOX & You know how
FOX is -- gonna do it anyways
and guess I'll just Hope for the Best.


@49, @51, and @53: WOW---Sean Hannity's willfully misinformative shit spewing on FOX TeeVee has you really chasing your tail! ANYthing for an argument, no matter how lame. You're so worked up you don't even know what you're spewing, even in livid Technicolor. Don't tell me you're rooming with raindrop, too? At least you get free cable, right?
"This hagiographic view of Hillary is garbage because she is a she...." How revealing!
News flash, Clivus Multrum: the only reason you REALLY hate Hillary Clinton because she's an intelligent, well qualified WOMAN with decades of governing experience as a U.S. Senator, Former First Lady, and Secretary of State under President Barack Obama. You, on the other hand, are a typically spineless, MAGAt trolling little incel. Cop to it, fer chrissakes.


Who's YOUR Daddy?

"Last year over 1 million Americans with diabetes had to ration insulin because they could not afford to take it as prescribed.

Why? In large part because Eli Lilly, which made $5.6 billion in profits in 2021, increased the price of Humalog by 1200% since 1996 to $275 while its CEO made nearly $50 million in compensation making him one of the highest-paid pharmaceutical CEOs in America.

Humalog costs an estimated $8 to produce and can be purchased for about one-tenth the price in Canada.

It does not have to be this way. The reality is that if Congress had the courage to take on the greed of the pharmaceutical industry, we could cut the price of prescription drugs in America by at least 50%. How?

By preventing the pharmaceutical industry from charging more for prescription drugs in the U.S. than they do in Canada, Britain, Germany, France and Japan – a concept that is not only supported by progressives, but former President Donald Trump. I will soon be re-introducing legislation in the Senate to do just that.

There is no rational reason why the HIV treatment Biktarvy costs $45,540 per year in the U.S but only $7,500 per year in France.

Or why a weekly dose of the autoimmune medicine Enbrel costs $1,762 in the U.S. but just $300 in Canada.

Or why a vial of insulin costs $98.70 in
the U.S., but just $11 in Germany.

A life-saving drug is not effective if
a person who needs that drug cannot afford it.

How many more Americans must die before Congress finally has the guts to stop the pharmaceutical industry from getting away with murder?"

Great fucking Question
Senator Sanders


@59 kristofarian: +1 Agreed and seconded. Right spot ON, Senator Bernie Sanders!
And it's not just Big Pharma. Don't forget SCROTUS. How many raped and forcefully impregnated women and girls have to die, too, because RWNJs have seized government power, hellbent on killing democracy as well?


Raindrop dear, I'm not sure what this "desire of biblical proportions" you think I am frustrated with, but I can assure you that I am fine. I really do think that Catholicism is on its way to obscurity in the US, along with most other forms of religion. Indeed, the most popular religions in the country these days are basically just entertainment for stupid people - churches that are theaters, with services that feature Christian "rock" music and emotional manipulation - and even those are experiencing churn.

The nuns are the ones with the brains in the Catholic Church (well, them and arguably the Jesuits). They're also largely the ones with the money, because they're the ones that did the work of teaching children and caring for the poor and sick, and like all lesbians, they were smart and thrifty. And they're dying off at a fast pace.

The men in the dresses won't be able to hold it together much longer. Especially the few younger ones, who are all a bunch of neurotics.


@53: Someone who claims Tylenol causes autism doesn’t get to lecture anyone else on reality, and someone who repeats false anti-choice talking points doesn’t get to lecture anyone else on facts, either.

Interesting you mention tribalism. Krisof’ claims to be a lefty, but regurgitates prefabricated anti-Clinton talking points from decades ago. CM Sawant constantly postures to the left of everyone else, but has spouted some of the same anti-choice lies as you have here, and she campaigned against Clinton in 2016. It’s almost as if left-wing and right-wing tribes have more in common with each other than with liberal small-d democrats, such as most of the citizens of Seattle.


I KNOW, auntie Gee!
and it's not just the phony
USSC and Big Pharma -- look
at Big Fossil who KNEW their Planet-
endangering products were Destined to
give Us a Catastrophic Climate Disaster but
chose to Propagandize the Citizenry and the
whole fucking Planet with their DIS-information.

we can continue to watch in Horror
as they Continue their Strip-mining
of the Planet and its Citizenry or
do, like Tensy says, fiucking
DO Something about it.

but if we're so seriously
Mal- Mis- and Uninformed
by 'our' wholly-Corporate media
who's gonna even Know what Needs to
be Done in the first place? Let's get the Word OUT.


Peeps Need
a 'Why?'

that's why it's so
Tricked the FOX into
Broadcasting it. fucking:



here's that olde* Jew
on the fawking FOX


*being a Geezer
gives me License


@63 kristofarian: WORD. A lot of what your comments just covered are largely why I only drive seasonally and in good weather, anymore. I want to conserve fuel, increase the mechanical longevity of my beloved VW, and ensure that the two of us leave as small carbon foot prints and tire tracks as possible. Younger and future generations are counting on us for their survival.


Has SLOG PM been discontinued? I have only seen SLOG AM articles these last two weekdays.

Traffic through Everett has always been a nightmare, further exacerbated since the addition of the city's Naval Station.



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