Why Are Negotiations Over Seattle's Police Accountability Reform Law Being Held In Secret?


SPD is doing a fantastic job of demonstrating how well reform is going by obstructing every chance to look like they're embracing reform.
Because "police accountability" is an oxymoron.
Dont entirely blame the SPD. Of course they are going to avoid accountability, what % of their department do you think is composed of unaccountable, highly paid bigots or violence-prone cowboys?

The city, the muni Attorney, the mayors officer, and to a lesser extend the ruling body of the City Council are what perpetuate this. Why else would they hold the meeting behind closed doors?

What other job in Seattle, or America, can you be a violent, dishonest, openly racist, casually homophobic extortionist and suffer zero consequences? What other job can you assault people whos skin color or (legally acceptable) protesters you dont like and come back to work in the morning? I dont care if youre Jeff fucking Bezos and Paul fucking Allen themselves, sans badge you cant get away with that shit in Seattle...or anywhere else in America (maybe Trump, the American Law Enforcement Jesus...but aside from that...).

Seattle deals is COVERING abuse and racism, not stopping it. Its been going on for decades, has been researched to high hell and confirmed, hell even ex cops have confirmed it. Its the same in other cities. Power + nearly unlimited protection + zero accountability = Corruption. And they are so used to their racist pals patting them on the back telling them the are 'heroes' for keeping them safe from those scary 'rapist immigrants', 'thieving poors' and 'superpredator negroes' that the thought of them being in the wrong doesnt even click.