2016 Mar 14, 2016 at 9:37 am


Make AmeriKKKa Hate Again
make supremacy white again
yep, plenty of our populace ready to enroll in the new SS. Fish in a barrel for the Trump regime.
O'Doyle rules!
Oh boy! Won't that racist be embarrassed when they tell him that Puerto Rico is actually part of the USA!

...but seriously. What the FUCK?
The Popp murders occurred on Saturday? If I hadn't caught it here I never would have known.
those Northwestern kids probably did it for the Lulz. $300 worth of damage? can that be right?
It really worries me that there are teens for Trump.
Puerto Rico is basically a state, they are US citizens and get to vote.
@9 I think they still can't vote in the general. But they can vote in their own primary. As for basically a state... maybe. But I wonder if any state would have been allowed to get as far into debt as Puerto Rico has.
Yeah but they have brown skin and don't speak english so they're basically isis.
@ 5, It's shocking how many Americans don't even know that New Mexico is one of the 50 states.
@7: I believe the story said "more than $300" in damages. No way that much spray paint would only take $300 to clear off, I would imagine.

The whole thing is kind of bizarre and nonsensical, with how unfocused the graffiti was. So many different groups were "targeted," that it does kind of sound like more of a drunken rampage of stupidity more than anything else.

I mean, who wants to spray paint anti-gay, anti-Muslim, and anti-religious garbage in addition to dicks all over the place? It is like four different hate groups all hit the place on the same night. Especially with it being a non-denominational chapel.
The first one seems like drunk college bros trying to be transgressive, especially since "Anthony Morales" doesn't sound particularly WASPy. Holding them without bail seems over the top but I guess might be a "scared straight" experience.
The last on is truly truly awful though.
Agent provocateurs only exist in Seattle.
Trump has unleashed the KKKraken...
People this awful have always existed. It was frustrating for me in the past to hear so much of our national conversation taking place as if this type of racism and prejudice were a thing of the past. As if all we had left was subtle institutional racism, vestiges of past policies. Then I traveled out to the countryside and talk privately with family and acquaintances our there and hear the saying all the awful things that Trump shouts now.

We have to shine a light on this 10 or 20 percent of America. We have to talk about them. One beneficial side effect of the Trump menace is that we can't keep denying that his noxious ideas are alive and well in 2016. Maybe there will even be a third party to represent them, which was where the Republican party was always heading anyway. Having a lot of parties helps us better see what kind of people really make up a country, instead of mushing them all together in to some kind of left-center vs right-center illusion.
Killing people IN FRONT OF THEIR CHILDREN?!? I hope WI has the death penalty.
@12 We made ANOTHER Mexico?? Who the hell is going to pay for THAT fence?
@18, it does not.
@18, 20: If there were one, Making a Murderer would never have been made. In the wake of Steven Avery's murder trial an "advisory referendum" was held in 2006 which showed 55% popular support for capital punishment. Despite it's current flirtation with Governor Scott Walker, Wisconsin has been one of the most enlightened of states on this issue.
@21: I guess, reports were they spray painted over the word "god," several times and their target was an expressly non-denominational chapel that served people of many faiths.

I could be wrong of course, but what is your confusion?

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