Breaking News: My Dad Just Voted For Hillary


This voting day should definitely be called Caesarian Tuesday!
Your dad's drunk.
Further proof that people vote based on image, wishes and "feelz" rather than records, data and facts.

"She's one of us"??? Unless you are a millionaire elitist who regularly hobnobs with politicos, corporate titans and heads of state, she is definitely not "one of us".

"She's a dove in her heart", maybe maybe not, but she'll bomb whomever when her feet are on the ground. And that is what ultimately counts. She's 100% pro-empire.

Vote for Hilary, but do so with clear eyes & honest strategy, not fuzzy homey thoughts about heartz and flowerz.
What if Hillary sends your dad's kids to war?
@4 - The establishment learned to avoid the draft long ago after Vietnam... they just ensure the poor have no other opportunities and recruit them instead, which serves the dual purpose of obtaining cheap, willing cannon fodder, and killing off minorities. Machiavellian!
"She's a dove in her heart."

You should tell you dad to judge a tree by it's fruits.
just 11 days until the WA caucuses. make sure you take that opportunity tell all your fellow Dems that are supporting Hillary that they're warmongering corporatists. that'll win them over to Sanders!

i'll be so glad when the primaries are over, and Dems can move on to losing the general to a con man.
Yep, "win them over to Sanders." I'm old enough to remember working to win over caucus voters for George McGovern. And I remember how well that worked out.