12 Photos from the Bernie Sanders Rally at KeyArena


3rd pic: Old white guy giving a Nazi salute... Nice.
Awww, it's going to be so sad for these folks when Hilary wins the nomination.
Happily submitted my affidavit for Bernie, but sure don't like how the superdelegate count is adding up.
Wow! This is inspiring.
@Alex: thank you do much for covering the event while the rest of the staff spent the weekend jerking off at the new light rail station. I know there's no hope at this point that the Stranger will give Sanders any unbiased coverage, but at least someone there still wants to be a journalist rather than a lazy blogger.
Apologies, that should be "so" instead of "do".
I feel so disconnected from this. I want Bernie to win... but what are you guys doing. Why would you stand out in the rain to maybe hear an echoey half-recycled speech?

I also don't understand how people get excited about "budgeting in" campaign contributions (you aren't lifting the world, buy yourself some groceries) so I don't even know why I'm asking.
Saw more people at a Rush concert.
@2 Nah... They'll still get to vote for him in the general when he accepts the DSA nomination.
Not a "few minutes" nor "a brief overview"; Sanders addressed the overflow crowd outside Key Arena for a full half hour. Most of that crowd then watched his hour-long address broadcast from inside the arena on the big screen set up on the lawn.
Go Bernie! I don't understand why people keep criticizing him for his age. He's got twice the energy of most men half his age.
It was not about being in or outside of the event. It was about all of us who gathered in support of Bernie. There was no violence and great camaraderie. I'm so happy I attended. In was outside and was able to get pretty close to him. He was a true gentleman and did a fantastic job!
I am so sad. He will not be nominated and I will be glad to vote for Hillary because she'll be able to beat Trump. But I'd much rather have Bernie and I'm sad that someone who says the things he says and is the person that he is can't possibly win the nomination.
I've never seen so many white people together in one place before, ever, not even in Seattle.