A Clarification and Some More Context about Last Week's Pesticide Testing Results


Oh JakeGrows14... all my points proven correct.
Tobias, you are lazy, you ask people to compare the results with the spread sheet, why don't you do it for them and show who was within limits and who was higher. Otherwise you are still grouping a lot of "innocent" companies with "guilty" ones.
Tobias, you still didn't disclose:

1. The group who funded this study are anti-502 activists. Gil Mobley protested in front of Ikes in Hazmat suits. This shows bias and is substantial information to disclose.
2. If the CCA were trying to protect sick patients, why are they testing recreational products instead of the products being sold to medical patients right now in dispensaries? If this is about patient protection, wouldn't the CCA want to know what is being sold in the medical market first in order to keep harmful products away from patients? Medical patients aren't going to Ikes and paying a 37% sales tax, they are going to dispensaries. So the CCA funded this study specifically to harm i502 businesses. NOT to protect consumers.
3. Simply by having the testing data, i502 is safer. Its basic logic, the known is safer than the unknown.
There are always clean alternatives to poisons...but poisons are easier & faster fixes. They are still POISON>>>>>don't cheat! ORGANIC methods are NOT hard to figure out. Be kind...don't panic at problems...follow the golden rule. Do unto others as You would have them do unto you.
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Why are my comments being removed?
Even Organic doesn't mean pesticide free Buddy Boy, you know that.
Keep up the good work, Tobias. This didn't seem like a hit piece to me and it is a bit odd that some of you would even suggest such a thing. In reality, all these test results where plants tested positive from "background" residuals only confirm that Cannabis/HEMP is great at remediating toxic soil. Do I want to smoke this shit for fun? Not a chance. For the patron who bought a retired Potato Farm maybe you should stop trying to sell flower and concentrates to unwitting customers and instead focus on seeding your entire plot of land with Cannabis/HEMP to help you remediate your soil back into a healthy working farm. In fact, Cannabis/HEMP should be a viable rotational crop for all farmers who need to remediate toxins from their soil. You could take the lead: have your soil tested before you lay down seed and then again after harvest. We need all the data we can collect.

One thing for certain is that the WSLCB needs to step up their game if people are going to keep spreading disinformation like its the "unregulated" medical and black markets fault that the products they are selling 'LEGALLY" have a pesticide problem. This story only confirms that I 502 can pretty much pass off anything they grow or process from other growers as being tested and safe. If not for these "blind" tests none of us would know what we know today.

Lets face some facts: 1.) the real financial returns to society will come from converting everyday goods made from oil into the ones soon to be made from Cannabis/HEMP: see Chemugry for some inspiration. I know you all know this to be true. For myself, I am convinced that if we want our plastics, paper, textiles and concrete made from Cannabis/HEMP then this "bubble" has to burst. We need Cannabis/HEMP as a cheap, yet profitable, feedstock for industry. In a perfect world we would "by law" return the flower back to community gardens, through a Home Grow Provision for all adults 21 and over, because we all know through experience that smaller gardens grow the best flowers. And when you can grow your own thats even better. We need to get as much Cannabis/HEMP as an industrial feedstock into the hands of real innovators "the tinkerers" who's goal is in discovering new ways in making everyday goods from plants.

This is just the beginning!

I am all for pesticide testing. That said I'd drop eagle 20 in my eye before smoking mites and mold. Any testing on the bug content of said pesticide free concentrates and flower? Any info on how healthy smoking bugs is?
What #5 said. The MMJ weed is also loaded with pesticides.