An Anti-LGBT Hate Group Is Calling Themselves "Pediatricians" To Attack Transgender Youth


I sometime almost admire the total lack of scruples and unapologetic scumminess of the right. "Yeah, fuck it, we're pediatricians." They have no problem at all with launching disinformation campaigns. One has to wonder how they're able to convince themselves that they're morally pure while breaking every moral and ethical code to advance their agenda. I guess they really do think they're that German lying to the SS to protect the Jewish family in the attic. As stupid as that is, that must be it.
Well, it's because not caring about facts means you never have to admit you're wrong. It's a seductive mindset of opinion over reality, one designed to avoid facing difficult concepts.
actually it's brilliant. conservatives are stupid people and will believe this is a medical association. it's pretty easy to trick conservatives.
Is the membership list known?
How are you allowed to label yourself something that requires formal education and testing? Like, I can't start a group called "lawyers" and generally hint that I know something about litigation can I?
Of their 200 members, are any of them actual pediatricians? If not, there's a fraud suit there somewhere. If so, there are some medical ethics charges that should be laid, at the very least.
This group is horribly misleading, I wonder if there is even one physician that belongs to it. On another note, JMS, your metaphor is incredibly perplexing.
This is the same bizarro group that "Professor" George "Lifting My Luggage" Rekers was affiliated with...…
I see two comments numbered 0 and 0. The system is outdoing itself.
I'm referring to the idea that lying to advance a good cause is justified, like telling someone who means to do harm a lie to protect the innocent. That's how I think right-wingers view themselves, which is why they're willing to lie about Planned Parenthood and transgender rights. They're being evil assholes, in their minds, to protect the innocent (children, fetuses). I'm not using the metaphor because I believe it, but to express how they must think when they make shit up. I used that specific metaphor in reference to ethical arguments over the years (is it ever okay to deceive someone?)
Looks like queers/trans of all shades are becoming an issue in this election year, similar to the one gays were played in 2004: entice "the base" to get out and vote.
Yet despite the short-term backlash to marriage equality back then, it is now the law of the land.
@7, their Board of Directors are all MD's. Which makes me so sick inside. There is scientific research concerning the brains of Trans children that they're ignoring. I guess even doctors can be willfully stupid.
The subject matter "expert" who wrote this talking points memo has an infamous reputation in the trans community...…
@Chipper, It may not be the best analogy (not a metaphor, btw), but what I get is: the Christian extremists see themselves as the Germans (actually Dutch, as he may have been invoking Anne Frank). The "Jews" in this sense would be an amorphous group of "innocent children," and the SS are evil liberals.

I think they see themselves as Biblical figures. Those 'innocent children' are literally Adam & Eve in the garden, and the Forbidden Fruit is any kind of knowledge of sex. The worst thing that can happen is for those children to know about sex. Anyone who does not have a normal hormonal/physical/gender balance has somehow already become acquainted with sex and are now disposable. They have sin, they deserve whatever they get. These Christians see themselves are both protectors of the human race (according to their fucked up interpretation of an ancient myth) and as well as Judges, condemning the non-righteous to their Divine Fate.
I don't know why anyone is surprised that even doctors can be unscientific morons when their social/political dogmas are in play.

Ben Carson? Remember that guy?