Sea Levels To Rise Five To Ten Times Faster Than Previously Thought


But it will be a perfect submarine tunnel!!!
I've always been deeply opposed to the tunnel, and the rise in sea-levels is also disturbing, and cars contribute to that. But it won't lead to the flooding of the tunnel, at least not before all of downtown Seattle is inundated (in which case we have bigger fish to fry), and it's kind of a silly thing to say. Picking up a phone and calling an engineer would have been a good idea.

If it's not obvious why it's a silly idea, this is why: it's pretty darn easy to keep a space as small as the tunnel clear of water with nothing more than some pumps. There are plenty of tunnels that run under water, and they do just fine.
I like the way you're thinking. We need more like this to balance out the prevalence of: me, more, money, now.
Don't know if that will ever happen but you got to do what you can. The children's children are no different than you today. Or even yesterday.
Time to ditch the hand me down thought patterns that only glimmer in the moment but destroy the future.
@2 Did he stutter?
But being below sea level doesn't matter if it's a transit tunnel. Either the one we have now or the one that will be in ST3.
@3: the tunnel entrance, sodo, the waterfront and pioneer square will all easily be inundated by a significant sea level rise. they're at sea level, but not "all of downtown" is. it's on a hill. a big hill. have you ever been there?
How much of Seattle will be left anyway? I'm glad I don't live in a coastal city, but this will be massively disruptive economically. The vultures will make money in the churn.
@7 We'll just use sandbags.
@7 ho ho ho, so clever. So witty.

I was so ridiculous to rhetorically round up the drowning of multiple Seattle neighborhoods to "downtown". Like everything would proceed just fine minus a bunch of our low-lying neighborhoods.

But it looks like we are all wrong. According to this Seattle Gov map sea level can go up 11 ft without drowning anything, and up to 14 ft would pretty much only put Harbor Island under water.…

But thanks for being snarky and kinda a pedantic dick for no apparent reason!
Climate change is "not real." 1:16…
If Yesler and Alaskan Way S are approximately 4.4m above sea level... then a 5m sea level rise will definitely inundate Pioneer Square & environs. King Street Station, the stadiums, SODO generally, the Seattle Underground... a little bit of stormy weather, wind and waves will make 5m easily quite terrible for the Tunnel.

We'd have sea on both sides of the 'sea wall'... :>(

This is all assuming that we survive the Cascadia Subduction Zone quake that has a 1-in-6 chance of occurring within the next 50 years.

And all the incoming socially-deficient tech workers due in the next 5-10 years...

@8 - How much of Seattle will be left? Here, "sea" for yourself.. a handy NOAA 'coastal impacts' projector. Slide the bar, see cities disappear under the waves!
I don't know what to do about rising sea levels, but does anyone know how to make people stop using "exponentially" improperly? It's the new "literally".
Jesus Fing Christ. We really are the disease that's killing the planet.

I have a part interest in a nice seaside property in Florida. We're selling soon. We'd better, while there are still enough idiots who think that it's all a myth.
Well, I, for one, am not having kids. Good luck, future doomed generations!
Ever heard of the Chunnel? Way below sea level. Being stupid in your arguments does not advance your cause, it just makes you a Republican.
So instead of flying cars, you all get submarine cars. Problem solved. Just get me out of here before that happens. I can't swim