Photos: Bernie Sanders Takes Seattle Out to the Ball Game


Wow, two Jewish jokes in the intro. I guess it's okay to make fun of The Other if that other is Jewish, eh? Is it cause we're also usually white and Bernie is male so two parts of him outweigh the one minority part? Or is just because it's fun to make jokes about Jews? Either way, way to stay classy Rich.
And the other side seriously spends there time concerned about Bernie Bros or whatever
This is the first place on the interwebs I have seen someone put a figure on the size of the crowd last night. One thing not mentioned anywhere: the number of people turned away from the event -- security was MUCH tighter than the average airport. Anyone with a bag, purse or backpack larger than about 4" square was rejected. This disproportionally affected women (purses!) and I saw many families with children turn back as the woman wasn't about to throw her purse in the trash (although a few did). Combine this with the mile-long
line (they didn't open a second door until approximately 5:45) and they should be grateful for those who did attend. Go Bernie!
Here's me, pudgy nacho guy at 2:05
Awesome reporting. It's not THAT hard to also include the title of the band "Greensky Bluegrass". They were very excited to play as well. You did show a clip of someone having fun while listening to them, but no mention of the fact that they played. Well done.