Go to this party next weekend. Buy the book. Help Greenwood get back on its feet in the aftermath of the explosion.
Go to this book launch next weekend. Buy the book. Help Greenwood get back on its feet in the aftermath of the March 9 natural gas explosion. Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas

There's been a lot of fallout since the gas explosion rocked the heart of Greenwood earlier this month, damaging the lives, livelihoods, and properties of several residents. The Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas (BFI), which was also damaged in the explosion, is doing its part to help out its neighbors.

The vital youth writing center (which used to be called 826 Seattle) already does so much good for curious kids. Volunteers host creative writing workshops, run an after-school tutoring program, assist public school teachers in the classroom, and publish beautiful and well-curated art objects that students can really be proud of.

Next week (April 9) BFI is publishing Encyclopedia Greenwoodia, an anthology of essays, maps, historical fiction, profiles of local luminaries, and "Sensory Guides" (experiential reviews based on how stuff looks, tastes, smells, etc.) of local restaurants all about Greenwood. The first piece of writing by a BFI student in the book is a "sensory review" of the late Mr. Gyros.

After the explosion, and with the help of 4Culture, BFI decided to increase the number of anthologies they were planning to print so that they could help raise money for their block. BFI says they'll donate all profits from the sale of Encyclopedia Greenwoodia to the Greenwood Relief Fund.

The book goes for $10 and includes 53 pieces by BFI students and "famous adult writer friends," including UW Prof and prolific writer David Shields, Editor of Poetry NW Editions and poet Kevin Craft, and the Seattle Review of Books' Paul Constant. Former Seattle mayor Mike McGinn, who has lived in Greenwood for a while, wrote the foreword.

Due to, you know, a massive gas explosion, the book launch will not be held at BFI's Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co., nor in the writing center itself. Instead, people will party and books will be hocked at the Greenwood Senior Center. At the launch you can buy the book, listen to the readings, and learn more about the community you'd be supporting by buying the book straight from the mouths and minds of the brilliant young writers who hang out there.