Woman Yells at Florida Governor in a Starbucks: "You're An Asshole"


The first amendment at its best.
Dang. You know when you think of what you should have said to someone 15 minutes later? This lady doesn't have that problem. She knew right away and she said it. Bravo.
Right on! Politicians need to be publicly shammed for their actions.
Been reading a little bit about Rick Scott. Apparently when he was CEO of Columbia/HCA (a large group of hospitals), his company was really good at defrauding the government.

"A Justice Department spokeswoman said that officials refer to Columbia/HCA as "largest health care fraud" rather than the more narrow term "Medicare fraud" because it involved defrauding other government programs such as Medicaid rather than Medicare exclusively. The Justice Department described in detail the various ways the company defrauded Medicare and other government health programs here."

About the jobs thing. He cut taxes for businesses, so about *half* a million, new, mostly low-paying service jobs were added since he took office. He also cut substantial numbers of government and municipal workers, which *were* better-paying jobs. Plus it sounds like if he had just left Florida alone (and maybe taken care of the poor people) the state would have recovered just as well on it's own.

About the yelling lady's point: Can someone explain to me why Republican governors would turn down millions in Federal dollars just to screw poor people? I don't think they even have to use their state's own funds to expand Medicare. And they can ding the big blue states in the process (since tax money flows from Blue states to Red states essentially).
@5 Because Republicans love fucking poor people. It's what gets them through the day.
@2 (ohthetrees): That phenomenon (thinking of the perfect thing to say when it's too late) is called "staircase wit" (because you're in the staircase on your way out of the party when it comes to you). And yeah, she doesn't suffer from it. Top marks on both substance and form.
@7 "esprit d'escalier"
@6 (Radagastafarian the Green): New/DLC/Third-Way Democrats love fucking poor people, too. They're just better at pillow talk than Republicans are.
@5: Their stated reason is that it's paid for almost entirely by the Feds for now, but they're scared of the state having to chip in down the road and so rather than give the program a try and then later cut spending if need be, they're just like "nah, not worth the free trial".
Their real reason is that it's the signature legal accomplishment of a president who is a Democrat and black, and showing any support for such a bill is anathema to today's GOP.
@5, they didn't turn down Medicare expansion, they turned down Medicaid expansion. And after the Feds totally paying for expansion for three years, the states would only be responsible for 3% of it the 4th year. They did it for the reasons @10 said. Meaning that they were just assholes, and continue to be. The only Republican Governor I can think of who didn't turn down the expansion was Kasich, who may be the only respectable Republican left in this whole country.
@11: I'd submit that a few others of the old guard are still decent public servants. People like Sens. John McCain and Mark Kirk are two I'd classify thusly, though I do hope they both lose their reelection bids.