Another Reason to Take Back the State Senate: Republicans Killed Two Important Bills for Women this Session


man republicans just fucking HATE women! i mean with vengeance. did your mommies not love you enough?
You know what would help the Democrats take back the State Senate? If those Democrats in State office already put their Super Delegate votes where the state's Democratic voters wanted them instead of supporting the broken machine of a stagnant and ineffectual party. If voters some some moral fiber and political courage people might feel like voting for them actually achieved something.
Read the bill first people. Please call your Dems and tell them to write better laws that the GOP can't thumbs down. Both the GOP and the Dems should pass the law that Oregon did. Birth control for a year after the 90 day test period to make sure women are getting the correct birth control that works for them. The Same law failed in Oregon until the added the 90 day period rule, then it passed. Then again why pass up a good political option to paint the GOP as women haters? No one wins with crappy one sided reporting. The Dems could pass a good law that the GOP would be stupid to not support. Then again, the GOP is too damn stupid to write the law first to prove that they are not against women. Both sides suck!

As for the pregnant women in the workplace law it was poorly written. It should not have been approved. But, once again the GOP could take the reigns and create a good law that does provide better protection and freedoms to pregnant women. Instead both parties play politics and no one is actually telling their side that they suck. By picking sides the political system continues to decay.
@2, the Dem caucuses did not represent all the Dem voters. Just stop that crap.

There is no reason to NOT try to take back the State Senate.