How Our "Greenest Governor" Pushed for the World's Largest Methanol Refinery in Tacoma


Inslee screwing over his voter constituents? Nahhhhhhhhhhh!
Inslee must suffer from Asarco heavy industry nostalgia. I'm not voting for this clown again.
@2: yeah, Bill Bryant would have nothing to do with this project.
Not voting for that clown either.

Don't buy the green-washing!
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As a Tacoman I think concern about the methanol plant has less to do with climate change and more to do with the fact this thing could explode and take most of the goddamn city with it.
@3 Classic. Rather than even attempt pressuring Democrats into running an adequate candidate that won't betray his constituency, let's raise the white flag early and often to claim that we can't do any better than business as usual (steady drift rightward).

Are you people suffering from Stockholm syndrome or something? because you sound like progressives but you don't appear to want progressives to get anywhere close to political power.