Dildogazi: I Disapprove of Ted Cruz Stimulating His Genitals—But I Will Defend to the Death His Right to Rub One Out


The picture on the NewYork Mag article is pretty good, too.
I wish there were more people out there like Mazin. There have got to be a bunch of people who dislike (and know) asshole weirdo Ted just like Mazin does, but most don't want to be drawn into the spotlight. Hope someone else changes his/her mind.
This is all so stupid and boring rather than funny or of any political punditry factor.
I wonder if he's also into glasses wearing unicorns like that built boy from yesterday. Or was that the day before.
Over my morning coffee I did not need or want to think of mad man Cruz touching himself.
@4, On the contrary, it speaks very directly to how a politician who uses claim to be the defenders of freedom want to micromanage the private, personal lives of Americans, women in particular.
@6 this. And also a withering lack of pragmatism. Wankers gonna wank. I wanked (the female version). Ted Cruz, trump, and each and every one of the dipshits who drafted the law wanked. And civilization yet continues. What reason on earth would justify a state outlawing sex toys, even on a rational basis. Wank-er.

Anyone who defends that stupidity raises questions about his ability to govern.

Again. Wanker.
If this is the same former college roommate that Krazy Glue'd Ted Cruz's snooze button, the man is a notional treasure.