Mosques are beautiful. Youd have to be crazy or a bigot not to want one in your community.
Mosques are beautiful. You'd have to be crazy or a bigot not to want one in your community. ivanoel/Shutterstock

Islamophobic Postcards in Mukilteo: It's clear now that Peter Zieve, the head of a company that supplies parts to Boeing, is behind mailings questioning the "safety" of a project to build a mosque. "Attention Mukilteo residents, you may be interested to know Mukilteo has a received a complete planning application for construction of a mosque," says the postcard, which leaves a contact address for "" In a statement this morning, OneAmerica Executive Director Rich Stolz called the letter a "sad and shameful example of rising anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant sentiment in our nation," and called on Zieve to retract his remarks. Zieve is reportedly a huge fan of Donald Trump.

University of Washington Wins Against NIMBYs: For some bizarre reason, preservationists had designated an old building that housed a nuclear reactor as a landmark under Seattle's landmarks-preservation ordinance. UW had to sue the city to get around it, and on Thursday, they won, the Seattle Times reports. The college plans to build a new computer science building.

This skyline is poised to change pretty dramatically.
This skyline is poised to change pretty dramatically. kan_khampanya/Shutterstock

Here's What the Future of Downtown and South Lake Union Looks Like: "In just four years, Seattle's skyline will look very different, according to a video produced by local realtors," KING 5 reports—the video embed isn't working, so follow the link to watch the projection for yourself. "The video simulates flying over downtown and South Lake Union, and using information on projects currently under construction or on the verge of breaking ground, imagines what the city will look like when it is finished: busy." One of the realtors behind the video says Seattle is on the cusp of one of the most explosive growth cycles in its history.

What Happens If Two Oil Tankers Crash in Puget Sound? A crash like that represents the worst case scenario for an oil spill. According to emergency responders, more than 4,000 gallons of oil would spill out into the Sound. Wildlife, habitants, and livelihoods—particularly shellfish farmers—throughout the San Juan Islands would be threatened, KING 5 reports. The economy lose as many as 165,000 jobs and 11 billion dollars. On Thursday, the Washington Department of Ecology tested new technologies, including faster oil skimmers and drones, in preparation for such a disaster.

The Now-Closed Value Village on Capitol Hill: now an arts and dance space, thanks to a grant from the City of Seattle.

The contestants nervously await a decision about which one will have to leave the Big Brother house next.
The contestants nervously await a decision about which one will have to leave the Big Brother house next. Joseph Sohm /

Democratic Debate in the Bronx: If you missed it, catch up with Matt Baume's live blog.

Superdelegate Senator Patty Murray Defends Her Endorsement of Hillary Clinton: Superdelegates don't really matter, Murray told KUOW in an interview—they'll fall in line with whichever candidate gets the most regular delegates by the time of the convention. "Personally, I have worked with Hillary for years and I believe she is going to be an amazing voice for Washington state workers and families and so I support her." Sanders won 70 percent of the vote in the Washington Democratic caucus.

This Week on The Stranger's Blabbermouth Podcast: Sean Riley, the author of a must-read feature in this week's paper, explains how Seattle schools became re-segregated. And Marti Jonjak discusses the 2013 shooting at the Twilight Exit—a Central District bar down the street from where she lived. Plus, Stranger calendar editor Jamie Slater tells you what's happening this weekend. Listen here.

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