The Morning News: Amazon Is (Temporarily) Housing The Homeless, Gross Meat Comes To Seattle, And Earthquakes Overseas


@1 Just because they don't draw them with slits for eyes, big buck teeth, thick glasses and a bowl cut doesn't mean they are drawing them Caucasian.
Who the F are those 4 hot chix in that tweet?
There is a collection somewhere online (maybe Kotaku?) of a bunch of tweets from Japanese people in regards to the casting choice in "Ghost in the Shell."

The gist of it tends to be that most Japanese people and fans of the source material don't care about who got cast, and they mostly just find it interesting that the only people who really seem to care are white Americans.

A lot of them are basically saying that since (in their opinion) there are not that many good Japanese actresses who can speak English well enough for the role, it makes sense that a white person with considerably more big box office draw potential got cast.
FFS these kinds of movies are made to make money. There is no other motive. Scarlett Johannson is a huge box office draw. Your beef is with capitalism not racism.
Re the Ghost in the Shell casting, many Japanese and Asians (from anecdotal conversations I've had) are generally biased toward light skin, so they tend to be pretty cool with the casting of a white actress. The important thing to them at the least is that a dark skinned actress wasn't casted.
@6, I'm pretty sure most people understand that disposable blockbuster movies only exist to make money, but the shortage of Asian actors who are not huge box office draws is itself a function of racism. There are plenty of attractive and talented non-white actors, but they're not given the opportunity to develop their careers, and their lack of box office draw is used to justify not hiring them.
hey, South Sudanese: cut it the fuck out. the Ethiopian army can and will invade and make things a whole lot worse. if that's even possible.
Sure, let's point the fickle slaughter finger at the CD while not naming restaurants. Great idea, Stranger! Are any of those restaurants also advertisers?
how great it will be when they can eliminate human actors in these kind of movies with CGI (like the animals in jungle book). the product will be better, and no racial casting controversies will bother anyone.
Little known detail: That TraveLodge was where the US Military 'Delta Force' unit set up their operations HQ during the WTO event in '99, so that their team could wander the streets in plainclothes with lapel cameras and have the video feed flow back to the servers they'd set up there, for whatever processing/searching/?? they were doing.

I don't know how legal a USMil unit operating domestically actually is, but it seemed interesting that they had such an op going.
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Are these actresses - sorry I'm not really familiar with them - all truly Japanese? Because it's a fact that Chinese, for example, can get quite cross if they're mistaken for Japanese. Look at the controversy around that geisha movie, where Chinese actresses were cast as Japanese women. Caused quite a stir - in China. Japanese aren't Chinese, just like Finns aren't Italians.