Senator Patty Murray Urges DEA to Get Right on Pot


I'm assuming there's a clause somewhere that gives the DEA or similar organization a large budget for operations in Mexico and Central America based on the fact that they are fighting a war on schedule I drugs. If that status changes, the DEA would lose some of their secret budget, endangering our influence in those countries. We can't have that, as it's probably bad from a national security standpoint and so they've quietly vetoed it for the last 40 years behind the scenes because of "questionable health data". Add to that the interest from incumbents like private prisons, who benefit greatly from an excess of marijuana-related charges, along with state governments in the South who still behave like they're fighting a culture war from 1970, and you start to understand the status quo.

I'm sure Senator Murray knows this issue doesn't exist in a bubble, but I hope she is serious enough to actually tackle the political and structural roadblocks first. She's certainly well-positioned to offer more scientific arguments and data, but it's not like there's ever been a lack of that. Obama said he would reschedule as well, and still hasn't, so we know there's more to it than just the issues pointed out here. Very interested to see how this plays out.
@1, Our closeted republican president promised to reschedule cannabis? I thought he said that it was up to congress, even though he supposedly has the power to issue an executive order to reschedule it himself? I don't believe he has the spine to get his hands dirty on such an issue. Wants to keep his legacy as squeaky clean as possible.
Our organization Veterans for Compassionate Care has been reaching out to Senator Murray for her support in our effort to develop a PTSD program model using dosed cannabis extracts to replace the toxic prescription medications that are killing our Veterans... so far she has not responded and continues to always find an excuse not to do anything.
22 lives a day are lost to these old racist laws....
22 families are shattered each day because of Veteran suicide..
Politicians are still playing games over our Veterans suffering.
Time for a change of leadership .... when our elected officials still support prohibition over easing citizens suffering.