The City Has Finally Decided What to Do About Those Special Move-In Deals for Tech Workers


The move-in deals fail my sniff test.
Sniff test or no, if all the city is doing is looking at whether they can prove disparate impact in court, this is going nowhere. And making place of employment an illegal preference would piss off our overlords. So look forward to more of the status quo.
The Columbusing going on with this story is absolutely hilarious. This has been going on for fucking decades and this writer is just now noticing?

By the way, how are you going to square that issue of "desperate impact" when the employer also happens to hire a shit ton of veterans?
Why do you only mention tech workers, when these deals are also often offered to veterans, college students/employees, and many other types of people?

It is almost like you are intentionally leaving out parts of the story in order to better support a chosen narrative, but I know that writers at The Stranger have way too much integrity for that, so what gives?
@4 You are absolutely correct. It is only ok when we take freedoms away from those we don't like. But when the exact same thing is used against people we do like it is a major issue. The reality is that the Government should not have the power to dictate who we make private agreements with. The Mayor acknowledges that legally it is not possible. The ramifications of this would be ridiculous.
How is this illegal? We have been giving Boeing employees deals for years.
As to the protection for people using government assistance, I've seen some of that in action with the supposedly-protected Section 8. Sure, they accepted Section 8, no problem. But they only did 9 month leases, and Section 8 required a year's lease. Hard to craft a law that a landlord can't find a way around.