Mayor Signs On to Kshama Sawant's "Carl Haglund Law" Banning Rent Increases at Substandard Apartment Buildings


Kshama Sawant: the only politician in Seattle who matters.

I wonder if that law urges landlords to go through HUD to get their tenants to get housing vouchers that can be used to offset the cost of rent.
@3, a City law concerning private landlords doesn't have anything to do with a federal agency giving out vouchers.
Holy Moses! -- Another round of over reaching by the city of Seattle and the Lord Mayor.

Why not just use the existing laws on the books.

If a unit is in such disrepair as to be uninhabitable, then the city should simply "red tag" the unit until it complies with the minimum standards already on the books.

They already require inspections on all rental units in the city....which now has driven up rental rates even higher.

Does nobody at the city have any economic background or training other than a profound understanding of discredited socialist policies.

The prospects of an empty, un-rentable unit is more than enough to motivate a landlord.
Econ 101, am I right?

The problem with you economic mansplainers is you never learned anything after Econ 101.

Kicking someone out of their apartment because of code violations is one way to protect them from rent increases, but is that actually helping them? If you knew reporting a code violation could leave you homeless, would you report it?

@8 as an econ major you are not discussing anything past econ 101. I have also had a real estate license. The current law states that once the renter has notified the owner of the deficiency the owner has a very short timeline to fix the issue, or the tenant no longer has to pay rent. You now live rent free and the land owner cannot evict you.

The laws already protect the tenant. Tenants have more rights than they know. Instead of educating people and fighting crooked land owners our leaders are more interested in political grandstanding. This is the fake caring that gives politicians more power and helps no one.
The stranger's article even states that the law already exists. You would save more money for the city by sending out flyers to tenants notifying them of their renter rights than wasting peoples time with dumb laws. Or if they want to actually care for tenants pass a low that landlords must provide a copy of renters rights to all tenants when they sign the lease. This way renters will pay for it, people will be educated and protected by the law that excises.

But doing the easy thing that actually would help people today is of no interest to our politicians. Political grandstanding rules the city. It is pathetic.
@8, @10

Nope. Don't know where you're getting all these ideas in your head. Maybe your reading comprehension is poor? Pathetic!
I'm skeptical of rent control broadly as a solution to our housing crisis, but I have a hard time feeling bad for landlords who allow buildings to get to that state of disrepair and then jack up rents.