Seattle Police Arrest Eight "Runners" in Sting on Pot Delivery Services


I wish they wouldn't, but they did warn everybody they were going to.

as long as the Repukes have control of the Senate, ain't nothing going to change.
I see the Slog now thinks mentioning the race of suspects (ref: all white) is substantial to merit inclusion in a story.

We look forward now to Slog using accurate and complete descriptions of ALL suspects, regardless of race, in future reporting in an effort to help the public identify suspects who victimize our community, and who particularly exploit and endanger working-class people of color.
Felonies, like armed robberies and, most recently, rape, have been a weekly occurrence in the U District for years. I'm sure glad the SPD has its enforcement priorities straight. Who knows what those couriers would have done if they hadn't been arrested? Deliver more pot to people who, for whatever reason, couldn't make it to the pot store?
@1- I would point out that access to MJ, and i-502 were strong draws for the libertarian and small government republican sectors. The biggest fights to legalization seemed to be put up by Dems.

@2- Note that that part of the story is a quote from another source, although the author did bold it. Likely relevant because of the assertion that MJ laws and their application disproportionately affect persons of color.
with all the crime going on in the city i'm glad these guys are focusing on the right things. thanks ron smith you are the smarted human ever /sarcasm
What were the delivery companies expecting was going to happen after being put on notice repeatedly that pot delivery was illegal?
Personally I'm fine with pot delivery, as well as drinking outside on the street, but unfortunately neither of those things are going to fly here until the law gets changed. You can't just unilaterally ignore it and hope for the best. Lobby to change the damn rules and then start delivering the shit out of that pot once you've successfully made it legal. ...or say "fuck it!" and suffer the consequences when you get caught.
If we had an alcohol delivery service, people might not be as "hey, cool. Fight the power." Hopefully, you can chip in to their legal fund and get them to change the laws.
@7 We do have an alcohol delivery service, I think it's called Drizle or something like that.
What does the race of the drivers have anything to do with anything?