You Know What the Most Frustrating Thing About Dan Savage Is? He Refuses to Listen to Hamilton


I want to hear it for the first time when I see it for the first time.
I think it is basically impossible to catch all the wit, plot, word play and everything else that is great about this musical on the first time through. And you are denying yourself the pleasure of the music until you get a chance to see it, as well.

We are right about this just like we were right about Game of Thrones being awesome.
It took my frustrated friends months to get me on it. Now I am in deep. I roller-blade to it. Every song is perfect for roller-blading to!
I teach Zumba to it!
I have a really hard time understanding how a hip-hop musical about American history could be anything but awful.
Way to defend your Hamilton virginity, Dan Savage. #savingitforhamilton ;)
This is the kind of question that demands a legally binding poll.
Savage is a wrong about a lot of things, but he is correct to not want to sit through a clever after-school special #notallnerds
You have a moral obligation to force him to listen to it.
I saw it after listening to the cast recording on repeat about 50 times. My husband saw it after hearing a couple of songs, when I tried to get him excited about it. While we were both blown away by the show, I was literally vibrating with excitement and anticipation, and he missed a lot of details in the lyrics.

Dan, you can afford to go twice. Go soon, see it as a virgin. You can find tickets on the Ticketmaster resale site, weekday shows are ridiculously but not criminally expensive. Call in some favors and try for comp tickets, let Christopher tag along with you and Terry.

Then listen to the cast recording a few times, and you won't be able to get those songs out of your head. You'll start planning your next trip immediately.
Maybe Dan doesn't like hip hop and rap. There ARE people who don't.
I was the only person in my section that had not memorized the soundtrack before seeing it. Might have been able to follow all the lyrics if not distracted by the seat mates in my peripheral vision lip synching the entire show. (Kidding! Their enthusiasm was adorable.)

I was thrilled by the show as someone who only heard maybe 4 songs total from the soundtrack. Asked the woman next to me if it was more enjoyable to see it knowing the music so well. Her response: "I can't answer that. Knowing all of it is the only way I've ever seen it." Fair enough! In conclusion, good both ways.
Can't tell if @5 is parodying someone. The user's history suggests somebody you might allow the benefit of the doubt, but who knows on the internet.
Since Dan apparently is often in NYC I'm surprised he hasn't seen it yet.
@15, what
It's not all hip hop. My favorite number is King George's passive-aggressive song to the Colonies (and it's hilarious to boot).…

Dan, you have a right to your Hamilton-virginity (I wouldn't go that way, but that's just me).
Not to go all hipster, but just by sheer good luck, I happened to see the show off-Broadway before a recording even existed, and I'm glad that I did. It was wonderful to be able to experience everything completely new. Personally, I had no problems understanding the lyrics or what was going on, but it definitely does require your full focus as an audience member. Better to listen to it than not to experience it at all, but if you're able to experience the live show in the near future, I'd strongly support the side of holding off on listening.