Hopefully this will help dispense with the absurd media narrative that Ted Cruz is an intelligent man.
deck chairs on the titanic.
Well, give him credit; using this brilliant strategy Cruz is virtually guaranteed to lock-in all of Fiorina's declared delega - oh, right.

Good move. It will shake things up enough for Cruz to win Indiana.
Less dumb than Sarah Palin? That's one thing isn't it?
@4 That's silly. Since there is announcing a VP before securing a nomination ever been a "good move?" Particularly since Fiorina has a record of nothing but failure. Cruz is about to find out why McCain fired Fiorina.

Getting her endorsement and out stumping in Iowa is one thing. But promising a VP slot to a known loser literally removes one of the biggest chips he had to bargain with at a brokered convention. Amazingly dumb.
oops - "there" = "when"
In other news, the Sanders campaign is adjusting its headcount due to adverse market conditions.
@6: but, she is a lady! now cruz can "play the woman card". brilliant!
You are not the target on this. You will never be the target on this.
If (and I'm truly not sure at this point how large that if is) the party denies Trump the nomination at the convention and throws it to Cruz, this becomes part of a two-fold strategy to win:
Lock up the evangelicals.
Drive Hillary's negatives ever higher and reduce Democratic turnout.
As he has done throughout the campaign, this is groundwork for something down the road. Whether it works remains to be seen.
Nothing desperate or embarrassing about this at all.
@6: Yes, but that's the risk Ted probably evaluated.

Nobody declares a VP before the nomination. It's an extremely desperate and stupid move.

Especially choosing a running mate that went around outlining how you (Cruz) would never beat Clinton in the general.

Here is one of the many videos that will now go immediately to fuel anti-Cruz ads:
(not to mention that video depicting to adult women dancing around the word "vagina" and terrified to name a part of human anatomy but what it's actually called)
"two" damn it.
@13 Actually, Reagan declared his VP in 1976.
Yay! Can't wait for the inevitable photoshopped images of Carly pegging Ted.
Dr.Zaius, you don't need to submit comments to correct your typos - as it's obvious what you meant. I only do so there's an error in the meaning or it doesn't make sense.
A lil face swap to make this all better:
@19, I agree.
God, I wish Megyn Kelly would come over from the Dark Side. She has so much charisma, and I'm pretty sure is just acting.…
Why Fiorina? Because Ted Cruz literally asked every other Republican and they said "No. Remember, I hate you."
Dear Raindrop @19, none of your posts make sense, but there's probably no way you could amend that. Certainly not by further posts.
@24: I TOTALLY expected the exact predictable retort that you just made. It was delicious fall-guy set-up for sophomoric sillies, just like you. But there was no way of making that comment without doing so.

@23: Oh, that's right. Everyone that's ever met Ted Cruz loathes him. I had somehow forgotten that.

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