Caption: "Die Stadtwerke Augsburg haben zunächst an zwei Straßenbahn-Haltestellen Bodenampeln installiert - so soll es vor allem für abgelenkte Handynutzer mehr Sicherheit geben!"

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Translation: "The Augsburg City Transport Authority installed groundstoplights at two tram stops to increase safety especially for distracted cellphone users."

You gotta love the Germans just stringrandomwords together to makenewwords. IwishwedidthatinEnglish.

Full disclosure: When I lived downtown, shortly after I moved to Seattle, I almost stepped in front of a speeding bus on Western Avenue. I was reading a book while I walked around a deserted, pre-condo-tower Belltown. And I came... this close... to being killed. If I had been walking a split second faster... I would've been killed. But God didn't want me to win a Darwin Award that day. Because God had had a plan for my life... a plan that included this.