King County Judge Makes Historic Ruling Against Washington State in Climate Change Case


Now the state 'must' take action like it 'must' fully fund schools following McCleary? Sigh.
@1 McCleary is different, the movers and shakers and their politicians minions want stupid and gullible voters. With climate change, a couple more Sandy-style storms, two or three years of 108-inches-of-snow over Boston; 27-tornadoes-in-one-day over those lovely S & E states, a few more giant floods over TX; CA farmers crying HOW DRY I AM; and a few more hundred millions spent fighting year-round wildfires, and suddenly Big Insurance and Big Agri will be the greatest anti-climate-change activists we'll ever see.

Just cross your fingers this happens before all the whales and half of the birds are extinct. BTW, did y'all know that we promised the Marshall Islanders that they can ALL relocate to the US should some thing bad happened to their islands - like, say, their nation turning into to Atlantis? Yep, we did it when we used their country to test our lovely nuclear weapons.

Did you guys see the NYT story about the Arizona's lawyer dude home being swarmed by scorpions? It appears he's been helping their success too: "Mr. Schill’s had plenty of moisture on the ground, as SPRINKERS WET HIS GRASS and 149 PALM TREES EVERY NIGHT. The moisture attracts bugs — food for the scorpions"

AND, for those who, like me, have been mourning Goldy's Bible Studies: Locusts, yo!

"..(describes) the pain as “the feeling of being stabbed with a hot knife.” It may last anywhere from a few hours to several days and resist all efforts to make it go away quicker: cold compresses, over-the-counter pain medication, antihistamine.
One’s face and tongue might feel numb, but there is no treatment for numbness, Dr. Boesen said. And it could get worse. Because venom is a neurotoxin, nerves could fire uncontrollably. Muscles may spasm. Lips might twitch. Sometimes, eyes will roll around, in opposite directions.
"It almost looks like you’re possessed,” Dr. Boesen said.

Unlike rattlesnakes, scorpions have no warning system, and bark scorpions, in very light shades of brown, can be particularly hard to see. Like rattlesnakes, though, scorpions will sting only if they feel threatened — and a threat can amount to as much as a foot sliding inside a shoe, a scorpion’s favorite hiding spot.

Sorry, everything under "the pain .... is from the NYT story. Copy & paste fail because terror!
The judge is missing a few marbles. The only way to fix his type of climate change is to limit people to one child only and shut down all traffic on freeways. Make the state a bicycling state. In other worlds he is a totalitarian.