City Council Members Will Vote on the Arena Street Vacation Today—Because the Mayor Pressured Them To


Shocker! Murray bullying the Council! Hold the press.

Murray is a little prince that thinks he is President of Seattle. It is no surprise he would pressure the Council and they would obey.

What is surprising is O'brien falling in line with Murray. What the hell, dude? I had hope for you. Now, not so much.
Let's vacate Ed Murray.
Watching the sausage get made is pretty fucking gross. Doesn't O'brien style himself as the progressive's progressive on the council? Doesn't the Mayor and the council constantly bleat about the need to support family-wage jobs in the city? But watch them both line up to grease the skids for a billionaire so he can build luxury boxes for millionaires to watch phantom NBA/NHL teams.

Interesting that the article doesn't reiterate the fact that somebody in the city buried a consultant's report that said that Key Arena could in fact be redeveloped to meet the NBA's standards. Kudos to the Seattle Times for keeping the heat up on this story.
Not following their own policy would have lead to a breech of contract, putting the city on the hook for the cost of the EIS (at the very least).
A minor inconvenience to Geoff Baker, he's got a conspiracy to invent.…
@3, I'm not a billionaire, and those "jobs" are going to Terminal 5, mostly to robots.

Hanjin and Shell cry out out for Seattle to Save the Robots!
Ms Groover, you do not want to uncritically parrot Mr Baker, as you've done with this posting. He's got an agenda which doesn't include The Stranger's interests (past or present).
Why has no one even commented on the massive amounts of misogyny coming out of the pro-Hansen ranks? Whether at public meeting, council briefings, or on line, the subtle and not so subtle sexism coming from Tim Burgess, Bruce Harrell, Rob Johnson, and their allies in the "pro-arena" sect is simply over the top. Has anyone noticed how the council is lining up, boys vs. girls? Has anyone ever noticed that the Port staff that have made the presentations have almost always been women, while the male dominated SDOT gets noting but atta-boys and deference from the man-boys on city council over "facts"? Has anyone read the comments in these articles and on their blogs bashing Sally Bagshaw? Why are these people getting a pass? Is the payola at city hall really that thick?
@6: Geoff Baker should've been fired when he falsely claimed that Jay Buhner made an anti-Semetic remark during a Mariner broadcast two years ago. Baker wasn't fired and never even apologized. He has no credibility.
@7 "Has anyone read the comments in these articles and on their blogs bashing Sally Bagshaw?"

Maybe we'd like to do so. Links, please?
@9, pointing out how Bagshaw voted for the MOU, drank beer with Chris Habsen in toasting the agreement, and then doing a complete flop to oppose the arena now is "bashing" here, I guess.

She is a hypocrite.