Carly Fiorina Pulls a Bob Dole/Gary Bauer


Ouch. Poor thing. But she is okay and got right up afterwards, with a little help from Heidi.
I own a business management textbook that uses Fiorina's appointment to management in HP as an example of how appointing the wrong manager can have a catastrophic effect on a company. Yes, she is literally a textbook example of a bad manager. Why anyone would appoint her to anything is beyond me.
It's hard to forgive her for the deliberate and dangerously-dishonest "baby parts" bullshit. I feel bad that she fell down, though.
The Gary Bauer fall with frying pan, besides his panicky shakes before falling off the stage is what Operas are made of, sort of like when villain is surrounded and starts wetting his or her pants..

I remember there were huge rumors he was banging a campaign aide, he tried to lower the rumors by putting in a glass door to show their were no full body massages and praying to forgiveness for one of the seven deadly sins..
Here's the video:…

I feel worse that she didn't fall like Rosalind Shays.…
Curses, I'm melllttting!!!
Using my phone, I had to watch it a few times. Is it certain that she didn't fall through a trap door into a crocodile pit?
The longer the fall, the better. Remember, that nut who shot up the Planned Parenthood did so after Fiorina's lies about those faked videos.
People kept clapping.
@2: Republicans and faux-independent Tea Partiers are drawn to the stink of failure for their executives. It's a turn on for them.
Watch out for that first step, it's a doozy!
Lucifer in the flesh. Introduce him to the crowd, immediately get sucked down into the Gates of Hell.
I'm glad she didn't get hurt but I find it funny that Cruz never even seemed to notice her sudden departure.
@14: I'm sure he's more at-ease when he doesn't have to treat a woman as a peer.
@5, ever since that episode...EVER SINCE...I *look* before I enter an elevator. It scared the fuck out of me.