Donald Trump Wins Indiana, Will Be GOP Nominee


Correction: Change 'real estate tycoon' to 'thrice bankrupted real-estate trust-funder'.
when wasn't the GOP broken? people seem to think there was a time when they weren't fucked up and wrong about basic facts.
@3 It wasn't broken when it was able to assemble a winning coalition behind a presidential candidate - something it lost the ability to do around the year 2000.

It still works fine at other levels of government, of course.
And I think Marshall is dead wrong - that's not how Trump succeeded. I found the column kind of embarrassing - this dude living in Manhattan with his website and PhD in history from Brown, psychoanalyzing the proles. He should know better than to indulge in crap like that.

Trumps selling them what they want and they are buying. They like Social Security and they hate Mexicans. This is a big constituency that isn't being served by either Democrats or mainstream republicans. All he did was identify an unmet need and he met it.

It won't be enough to win him the general, though.
@4: I mean, like, broken in its soul.
So the GOP nominated a regressive weirdo egoist. No one could have seen that coming.

I think it will be fun to watch this unfold. I don't know why some people insist on acting like this is the second act of "Cabaret". Even if he wins he'll go down as the most ineffectual president in the history of the nation. And having someone like him after having someone like Obama for eight years will be the ultimate cosmic joke.

I wonder who his VP pick will be. Please let it be Sarah.
@6, the GOP lost its soul when Eisenhower left office.

CNN just switched to the Cruz campaign and of course Carly came on first, saying how wonderful she'd found it going across Indiana talking to voters. She's been with the campaign all of one week.

I can't stand to listen to Cruz. I just want to thoroughly enjoy my schadenfreude.
Hahahahaha!! ...The Repugs get EXACTLY what they deserve. They nourished their "Southern Strategy," of veiled racism, it took root & now has grown to monstrous proportions. Hillary will destroy him in November.
So I still don't know that I've even seen a reputable source indicate it could come to pass, but what would happen in the event of a Hillary indictment? Would we be able to just toss Bernie in there in her stead and be fine, or could that get ugly and involve some backhanded nominating process too? (just trying to determine whether we have any contingency plans in place.)

And who would bring such an indictment -- it wouldn't be the same goofball legislative faction who's currently stalling the POTUS's supreme court nominee would it? Because that could be a pretty serious ace in the hole for them to play if they've got it.
@10 what if she was kidnapped by space aliens?
when wasn't the GOP broken?

cruz just dropped out.
I remember pundits saying that Reagan was unelectable. And that Bush II was unelectable. I won't count Trump out until the Electoral College has voted for someone else.
@13: And 1981-1993, and 2001-2009
@15, oh don't worry about it!! I mean Trump is really really unelectable. And the Democrats are going with a super charismatic leader who everyone is thrilled with. There is no way Trump can win. So don't sweat it!!
Raindrop dear, I would count those years as the second and third recurrences of the cancer that has taken over the GOP. Nixon was the first, of course, but Reagan and the Bushes were progressively worse.
15 is right. Republicans will get in line. They always do. Hillary is going to be the most unpopular party nominee in modern history.

If she loses, the loss to Trump will be her legacy. The first paragraph of her obituary. She better not fuck this up.

Well, to be fair, they were okay if you like death squads, drug dealing, kidnapping, and torture.

She could always ask Sanders to be her VP.
@16. God. You never fail to double down on this ridiculous party and their history of failure and incompetence. What the GOP was good at was getting people like you to swap principle for religious adherence to a tribal myth.

So much for Cruz's "smart move" choosing Fiorina. Yeah. She really made all difference in Indiana, huh?

Cruz's failure was so laughably predictable Judd Apatow could've scripted it.
Yet Kasich still loiters about. It makes you wonder if he's been promised something by Reince Priebus, he's crossing his fingers to be chosen as the now presumptive GOP nominee's runningmate, and/or he is delusional?
The Lawd werks in mysterious wayz.
Trump sucks, but boy is it going to awesome to see how butt hurt Seattle liberals are going to be over Trump getting the nomination. Seattle liberals are hella isolated. Nothing makes me happier than when someone tells me how they can't believe people would vote for Trump. That tells me just how much of a bubble they live in.
@28. No we believe it. We've saying it for years. Trump is the logical extension of the growing fascist tendencies of the right. This country is filled with morons carefully cultivated by thirty years of Republican propaganda.
@25: Logic dictates that a party in power is not a party that is broken. If Trump wins, "broken" is still not an appropriate adjective. Perhaps broken in ideology, but obviously not broken with the voters.
@30: you sure are interested in Bill's cock. are you a tad jealous? she's been riding that magic dick for decades.
@30: Why the semicolon abuse?
A Bernie win registers as a mid-piece clause in Dan's world.
Huh. Mexico is going to pay for that border fence after all. To stop people escaping south.
Now if Clinton picks Trump as a running mate, and Trump picks Clinton, the cycle will be completed.
@35: None of the stalwart anti-racists who vow to leave the country if Trump wins ever mention moving to Mexico, for some odd reason. It's the Canadians who'd need to build a wall.
@28: I'm not a Seattleite, but Trump's success merely reinforces my disdain and contempt for my fellow man. The more I'm out in this world, the more I realize that most people just don't pay attention or think with their heads.
I just love how even The Stranger simply slaps up a picture of Trump to get clicks instead of maybe writing a thoughtful piece about why it's important Bernie (who won 70% of our vote, remember?) stay in the race and fight for progressive values. But no, just one dismissive sentence writing off an entire movement of people who are supposed to switch to Clinton at the drop of a hat because we're told to.

But oh yeah, Trump, better get back to talking about him now...
I'll miss Cruz, he was real entertaining.
I can't pretend to understand the social dynamics in the US. It's just sad to watch so many people choose such a low level path to deal with the story.
@39. Sorry, bruh. Bernie lost. Get over it and vote for Hilary in November.
@39 See, @42 acknowledges that you exist! With a message delivered in the sweetest of tones, and only the slightest bit of condescension. What more could you want? Now please quiet down, do your duty and vote for Clinton in a few months, and then kindly disappear from the face of the earth forever.
@38 -- Trump is a symptom, not the disease.
Footnote to history: Ted "Lucifer" Cruz was Rep. John Boehner's attorney in the opening rounds of his long-lived legal battle with out Rep. Jim McDermott.
Well now we know why Cruz put Fiorina on his ticket. He wanted someone with experience to lay off his campaign staff.
@43. this country will never elect someone as left as Sanders, or you, or me, or 90% of Slog posters in my lifetime. I've gotten over it. you can get over it too.

Hillary Clinton running a divided government is infinitely preferable to electing an American Berlusconi with the GOP in charge of both houses of Congress. and the rest of the planet agrees.

@43: It would have been funnier if you'd just said "shut up, Wesley!"
@47 Don't worry, I've resolved to hold my nose and vote Clinton in November. The browbeating that I and other like-minded Sanders supporters will endure between now and then is just gravy. Stinky, stinky gravy.
Polls have always shown that most voters don't start paying attention until after the conventions, when the candidates are put under a microscope, and all the TV ads start running. It should be great fun seeing Trump get shredded. What a joke.

Bernie wouldn't be as much fun to put under the microscope, and has so far escaped it, despite all the complaining. He's gotten a free ride. The GOP was hoping, praying, that he would be the nominee, and that the national polling this early is meaningless. Obama was down 20 points to McCain at this stage. And Hilary didn't bring out the big guns because she didn't need to and didn't want to alienate his constituency.

Trump would knock Sanders out in the first round if they were to go at it. All it would take is a couple of tv ads, like this one that I just wrote for the Trump campaign, and I'm not even a ad man. It's called Useful Idiot:

When Bernie Sanders was elected the mayor of Burlington Vermont in 1981 he suddenly developed a taste for international travel, and began visiting communist dictatorships around the world, paid for by the citizens of Burlington. Russia, Cuba, and Nicaragua, where he stood grinning on the stage with communist revolutionaries as they condemned the United States and called for our destruction.

He then returned to Burlington and announced his intention to create a similar Nicaragua-like “Utopia” for his small town. A revolution that would set an example for the entire world.

At the time, the Bernie Sanders idea of Utopia was in fact killing and displacing thousands of indigenous people and stealing their land, imprisoning and torturing thousands of political opponents, had no free press - an idea which Sanders praised – and had completely destroyed the economy of Nicaragua. Bernie Sanders even praised their bread lines as a sign of economic health. He talked of his admiration for their propaganda minister, calling him a “hippie”, and gushing about the poetry he was teaching to their brutal and ruthless military.

Some called Bernie Sanders a traitor at the time. Even his liberal hometown newspaper, which once supported him, called him a “useful idiot” for the communist dictatorships he so admired.

Bread lines, no freedom of the press, political prisons, an economy in ruins? No thanks. Vote Donald Trump. He’s nobody’s useful idiot.
That's all for Bernie, Folks.