The Morning News: Trump to Be the Nominee, Bar Complaint Filed Against Lawyer after Threatening Email to City Council


Wow, a lawyer who prays (presumably to Satan) for bad things to happen to women. Somehow I'm not even all that surprised, but here's hoping he gets disbarred.
Oh my goodness, a $300,000 penalty for KILLING FIVE PEOPLE due to negligence. How will Ride the Ducks survive? Brian Tracey should be in prison.
I bet Prince's staffers wish they'd had some Naxalone. instead, they left an opiate addict alone with his stash. good job, guys.
Are we closing the loop after Naloxone at all or are these people just going to stumble into another overdose after they're released?
@2 The civil lawsuits against the Ducks will put them out of business. They won't be able to get insurance, as their current insurer will be paying out millions and will cancel the Duck policy. No state licensed insurance company will be able to offer them affordable premiums. Tracey and the other owners may even find themselves on the hook for a lot of the liability, if they can't hire lawyers better than their insurer hires.
When you factor in that t-boning that bus was probably the best* possible outcome of the Duck breaking down, it's unlikely there will even be a trial. Huge, business-ending settlement.

*If the Duck didn't hit the bus, it goes right over the side of the bridge, killing many in the Duck and on the ground 40 feet below.