Hillary's New Ad Targets Donald


Trouble is, all these clips are well known and baked in voters minds, and spoken from not very popular politicians themselves. What is needed is something more provcative - like this ad and this this ad from 1964.
Uh, isn't this exactly what the #NeverTrump crowd tried and the direct result was massive Trump victories? They clearly haven't thought this through.
Yeah, how does Hillary help her campaign by associating herself (even more) with a bunch of sad establishment Republican losers?
@1 These type of ad blitzes are made to help define the candidate when the candidate, (i.e. Trump) is low on cash, can't really respond) and still is primary battles mode. Obama did the same thing in 2012 around this time to target Romney, as uncaring Robber Baron, and the narrative stuck until November..

They are spoken by major Republican players. Anyway, it is a pretty effective ad, especially if any of them come out to praise Trump from now to Election Day..
Hhmmm, not very popular politicians who just so happen to make up the base of the Republican party. From their mouth to millions of voters ears. Lets see faux news spin this.
But the #NeverTrump crowd were speaking to Republicans who vote in Republican primaries, which is a fairly small percentage of the overall electorate. A winning GOP primary campaign is very different from a winning General Election campaign. This is just the first salvo in a long, brutal six-month battle to fight for the independents and motivate the base.
It was decent except for the "vulgar" part. I like vulgar. I don't like the way Trump talks about women. They are conflating these things. But if you just say "he's vulgar", people are going to giggle and say "good".
Too much Romney.
I really like the upbeat way this is presented. So tired of the ominous music, dismal color palette and apocalyptic bass voices portending doom.
A mi me gusta.
Well, the ad is clearly targeting Republicans. And Hilary's enough of a neoCon to attract some of those votes.

*Sigh* ... we have Neoliberal War Hawk vs. Racist-Misogynist-Populist TV Clown.

Great. Just great.

Up there as one of the worst elections the US has ever experienced. Primarily due to Donny Schtroumpf.

I'm just gonna go ahead and bet that Hilary wins. At least she's a feminist and will do some positive things for women generally. There will, alas, be a backlash against women once she's elected... so we men need to be prepared to confront that in our offices, locker rooms, and beer halls. Try to stem the sexist-misogynist tide that will occur. It will at least bring up a lot of "new" and possibly uncomfortable conversations, so -men- prepare yourselves for those conversations, and prepare yourselves to properly stand up for women.

But like Obama, the good Hilary will do is not necessarily actions taken during her term(s), but the mere fact that a generation of children will grow up knowing that a woman was and can be president... just like the generation behind us just assumes that a black man is equal to a white man because he can be president too. A knowledge that steps over the color line and bodes well for future generations.

That fulfills my hope.
@3: I don't think the point is for Hillary to associate herself with the figures shown. Rather, it's that these various clips are meant to debunk the opening claim that he will unite the party. They're illustrative clips of "look what these guys are saying," not "I agree with these guys" clips.
Next up, when the USA has a Black Woman President.

Let's hope that happens soon.
This ad is weak. Wake me when Jeb, Romney, Rubio, Cruz, etc endorse Hillary over Trump.
@12: You're speaking of the party establishment, Trump means the tea partiers, the Birchers, the Neo Nazis...