Good News, Bernie Fans: He's not Going Anywhere


If Clinton would just drop out and take her Wall $treet ghouls with her, or if the FBI would kindly send her straight to the nearest Supermax prison where she belongs, then we wouldn't be having this problem now, would we?
Seems the solution (for Hillary) is simple. Convince Bernie to submit to being her VP.

Of course, all the Berners I know are holding onto hope that he'll make an independent run if not nominated. I'm holding gout hope for that too...
@1, There is a less than zero percent chance that Hillary will be going to prison, except maybe for a criminal justice reform photo op when she's president.

Liberals parroting paranoid right-wing talking points. What a strange time to be alive.
@2 No thank you. She's got enough issues without dragging all of Bernie's baggage into a general election. If she wants a lefty on the ticket, there are plenty better ones out there.
Sanders as VP actually makes more sense than anything.

VP's don't really DO anything at all, they just show up to important events.

That would fit in perfectly with Sanders career of having accomplished practically nothing while still appearing as though he's accomplished a lot.
@ 3, Makes sense, since she and Bill helped put all those millions of people in prison on bullshit drug charges to begin with.
Bernie Sanders is 2016speak for Ralph Nader. Remember the eight years of peace, prosperity, and progressive government that followed because the Democrats didn't offer a progressive enough candidate? Or the same thing in 1980, when John Anderson helped elect Ronald Reagan for a 12-year liberal reign? Of course, you Wise Progressives know that everything is different this time because Hillary believes climate change is a hoax and that millions of immigrants without papers should be deported immediately and that women are for fuckng and looking pretty, not opening their big yaps and running around acting like sluts and Black Lives Matter is a bunch of whiners who are mad about not getting free things and history is bullshit anyway. There really would be no difference between a Trump Administration and a Clinton II administration, would there?
I couldn't agree more with the title of this article. Bernie is not only going nowhere, he will be but a faded memory by the time the general election rolls around, like all of the disengenous false prophets before him, his cult-of-personality sycophants scattered to wherever the winds of nonsensical ideas take their Good Ship Lollipop next.

And the rest of us, the overwhelming majority who voted for Clinton, will go about the serious business of protecting the country from getting into the hands of some moron who will fuck everything up, mostly for the poor and marginalized, and that includes Senator Sanders.

So our civility really has nothing to do with winning you over, we simply don't have the time, patience or need to engage you on any level, and we'll win with or without you. And so we smile politely. And if you'll look closely, it's a very tight smile. We love ya, but jeez, get over the guy. He's not The One this time either.
Spinecrusher (lovely screen name). I feel your pain and am sorry for your loss. So believe me, what I'm about to tell you gives me no pleasure at all, but I hope might help with the healing process:

Not only did Clinton win all eight closed primaries, she also won the nineteen open primaries by over a 2 to 1 margin. Of the six states that Sanders did win, two of them were his home state of Vermont and neighboring New Hampshire, which don't look anything like the rest of the country or electorate. In fact, if the eight closed primaries that Clinton won, most by blowout margins, had been open primaries, Sanders would be even further behind than he is now. And the caucuses are bullshit, mostly because people like me, the serious voters, got tired of listening to people like you gush about the latest false prophet, impervious to reason or logic in your rapture. We've got better things to do.

Anyway, sorry. Bernie lost fair and square. Take a vacation or something. Accept what is. Like all grief, this too will pass. Best.
Hey guys, fuck the left and the progressive wing of the party, it's so much more important to win the right over through everyone's favorite blast from the nineties past: triangulation. Maybe Clinton should think about addressing the vision thing she lacks and at least make an effort to pretend to care about progressive causes. This shit may win her the election, but it will be a net loss for the left (center and otherwise).…┬«ion=top-news&WT.nav=top-news&_r=0
11: Do you actually care about progressive politics at all, or are you just a team player "go wherever the party goes" sort of person? Because partisan lifers like that are pretty sad. No core ideology, no actual beliefs about the world, not larger vision of progress. Hey whatever the wise elders of the DNC say, that's where we go. I'm not refuting your basic argument here (Sanders is done, "false prophet" or no), but I do think your tone betrays a hint of hollow practicality. The challenges of our age require a bit more than continuous rear guard action.
@JMS, The ideology of the average Bernie Brah is one thing: St. Bern.
Hence the Bernie or Bust idiocy. You believe in your Messiah, that is it. Beyond that your other "beliefs" are your paranoia, your sanctimoniousness, your delusions of grandeur. You are keyboard revolutionaries, commenters who know "The Truth", facebook visionaries. No thanks.
JMS: Yes, I'm a shallow, amoral, empty puppet for not sharing your "vision of progress." That's because your vision is to elect a woefully unprepared old crank for president who doesn't have the faintest idea how he would implement any of that vision. It's Moonie stuff. No thanks.
And for only 27 dollars per donation you can make it into paradise! Who needs this "87 Dollars per hour" stuff.
I guess I'd be more inclined to understand Bernie's revolution if I had ever seen him raise a nickel to support any candidate other than himself.
Bernie ???? Oh yeah that wannabe who thought he could become President.The only reason this article was written was because Puget Sound area is a liberal Paradise
@9 - Let me know when people in places like Spokane are electing people like Bernie Sanders to Congress because that's the only way you're going to actually get a progressive agenda in government. Until they do, you're in as much of a fantasy about what the country looks like as the tea partiers are.
You know Clinton started courting Bush donors this week, right? That's really going to get my Bernie loving ass in gear to support her.
Merriam-Webster Revised Dictionary, 2017 Edition:

Twentyseven (twen tee sev n): Noun. Definition: a con artist, a flimflam man, a person who takes money from strangers for the promise of future products or services, with neither the ability to, nor the intention of, delivering them. Origin: Named for Bernie Sanders, a minor political figure who ran for President of the United States in 2016, and who raised several hundred million dollars from his mostly young followers by promising to create a socialist Utopia if elected. His campaign spent most of those donations on large and showy public rallies, where enthusiastic crowds would chant his name as he urged them to send in just one more $27 donation, which was then used for additional rallies, extensive travel, and for the generous salaries paid to the many friends, family and professional lobbyists who worked for the organization. Never a serious contender, he continued to raise funds and campaign up through the nominating convention, where he was soundly defeated by Hillary Clinton, who went on to win the Presidency. Senator Sanders then drifted into obscurity, leaving many of his followers deeply disappointed and angry, with little to show for their many $27 donations. Usage: "He tried to pull a twentyseven on me but I saw right through him."