Here's What the Trump Rally/Protest in Lynden, WA Looked Like


This is really frightening. If The Donald gets elected, he will totally drop these people, just like the GOP's 1-percenters and their politician minions have done for decades. These people have finally woken up to the fact that the GOP USED THEM and then casually dumped 'em. They won't turn to the Democrats because the GOP has convinced them Dems only care about the "people who stole their jobs" i.e. women, foreigners and minorities. They're telling themselves Trump will help them get their jobs back because there's no one else to turn to.

They're angry, frightened, full of self pity, desperate, not too bright, AND they own lots of weapons!! What can go wrong?

I bet Trump is also amazed that he has been so successful with these people. He's a pathological narcissist who has started a vicious nationalist movement just to get attention and adulation.

Nationalists are the most dangerous people, worse than any communists or fascists. All the bloodiest, most inhumane civil wars and genocides have been because of nationalism - from the former Yugoslavia, the former Zaire, Sudan, Darfur, Libya, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, back earlier to Vietnam, Greece, Spain, Germany.

The pundit types are worrying about Trump starting a nuclear war with the usual suspects, Russia, Iran, China, etc. He's not going to start these types of wars, there's no profit in it for him, he's not Cheney/Halliburton. But he's putting the match to the very very dry tinder of the angry, vicious, aggrieved, and UNSTABLE bigots. People are going to die, and Trump is too self-absorbed to see it.

Please, take this very seriously, VOTE VOTE VOTE!

Just a fun piece of knowledge: traditionally, "the silent majority" was a reference to those who are dead. Only after Reagan was it used to refer to low-information voters.
If we can repeal the tax breaks for corporations and billionaires, we can rebuild our dangerously crumbling infrastructures, and switch to green energy systems. This will provide good jobs to everyone no matter where they live. But we MUST get the rob-the-hoi-polloi-so-the-rich-can-hoard-money-politicians out.

By the way, I heard that Boeing will pay zero taxes for another couple of decades. We MUST get that tax deal rescinded NOW. KEXP says Boeing saved almost 1/2 BILLION $ in taxes in just the last two years!. So WA would lose $5 BILLIONS in taxes if this deal isn't killed. They've cut 6000 jobs since the tax break started. They have no intention of keeping jobs here if it's more profitable to move them.
Small thing;

The first photo after the paragraph (the second photo overall in the post): Which side are the Trump supporters and which side are the non Trump supporters? Left side of photo has non Trump supporters and right side of photo has Trump supporters?

I really am genuinely curious and am also kinda dumb.

(Sorry about the weird punctuation on this keyboard, it seems some of the keys do not work. A Mac, no less . . . Not my computer either . . . . )

Thank you! :)

Most importantly, where can I get one of those "El Diablo" shirts!?!
@4 Ugh, late night captioning. Sorry. Trump supporters on the right, protestors on the left.
@2 the silent majority in this political/Republican context is a term coined by Nixon....supposedly Middle-America, white, blue-collar, conservative, suburban/rural Nixon's context, the silent majority were the folks that stood with him but did not voice their political views loudly like Vietnam War protesters, etc. Trump is trying (and bit too successfully based on yesterday) to tap into that demographic.
@1: Fascists are typically nationalists, like Hitler was.
I'm sure the guy with the Confederate flag was merely showing pride in his Southern heritage, thousands of miles away from anywhere that was actually on the Confederate side of the Civil War, not because he is a bigot that expected to find like minds at a Trump rally. I'm sure.

That Trump "Build A Wall!" shirt might be a little more clever than his supporters realize. Instead of looking like Rosie the Riveter, he looks like he's giving an emphatic "Fuck you!" to the entire world. Or maybe that's the point and I'm the idiot for hoping for more maturity from those that would be world leaders.
Attention all dumb fuck Trump supporters: WAKE UP! This shithead will dump YOU the moment he buys the White House ! We, the citizens of the United States, owe it to the world NOT to let this happen!
And by the way, all the loony Lynden dumb fucks shown rallying for Trump have also most likely been stench supporters of the Washington State Senate's most corrupt fossil fuel lobbyist, Doug "Free Lunch" Ericksen R-Ferndale--the same one who "doesn't like King County because they wouldn't permit a Trump rally". He needs to be ousted from state legislature pronto, and preferably in an industrial sized garbage bag.
Jee-ZEUS Christie--Trump must be laughing his fascist ass off!
@1 iseult wins the thread.
Folks who don't want to see Mr Trump succeed need to take the high road.

Insulting a large portion of Americans whose views differ from yours results in all of us wallowing in the mud.
@15: Agree. But we (those of us that don't want to see Trump succeed) should not confuse the high road with blithe indifference to the underlying systemic problems that are fueling the Trump candidacy. That is, we shouldn't take avoiding wallowing in the mud and avoiding engagement of any sort to be the same thing. Not that I think you're necessarily implying this. Breezy dismissal of a large proportion of the country (even though I, and I imagine most of us here, vehemently disagree with them) is a risk that those in favor of liberal progress would be wise to avoid.
Woman holding the "Dutch Americans 4 Trump" with the guy checking out her aars...
A friend of mine has started using the word Trumpster to describe the kind of garbage held by Trump supporters.
#15 @roland - "One should always take the high road: the air is fresher, the view is prettier, and it is much easier to piss on the people beneath you."