Looking for the Money We Need to Address Our Public Education Emergency? Try the Tax-Dodging Microsoft Corporation.


Naive question: If Microsoft is holding $100 billion overseas because they made that money from overseas customers and are paying taxes in those countries in which they sold the goods resulting in that $100 billion in assets, is that a bad thing?
@1: no. Actually the overseas cash comes not only from overseas sales but also from US sales whose proceeds are transferred to tax haven countries through intra-company accounting maneuvers. Microsoft also dodges other countries taxes in this way. The Times took a look a few months back:

Oops, I meant yes, it is a bad thing.
MSFT, Boeing and many other US corporations are tax dodging deadbeats who suck corporate welfare.
Here's another thing we can't afford because these greedy motherfucking corporations are sucking the life out of state funding--mental health services for those who need urgently. Presumably the people who run these corporations couldn't care less that our jails and prisons are often used as holding facilities for mentally ill people because we have so few treatment beds.