Army Corps Sides with Lummi Nation: North America's Largest Coal Terminal Will Not Be Built on Sacred Site


cherry point is already the site of an oil refinery. how is that being mitigated?
Excellent news! Congrats to the Lummi Nation... and really, everyone.
Thank you Lummi Nation, for saving us all from choking on coal dust, black lungs, emphysema, COPD, asthma, lung cancer, derailments, poisoned rivers and ground water!
It isn't,. unless we can get it shut down
@3- I'm not sure who told you these things followed from coal being transported by trains, but I think you might be living in some distopian universe.
@5: feeble rejoinder. Anything listed @3 that might have tenuous associations with ~transport~ of coal alone is solidly linked to mining, or burning, or both. Removing transport options raises prices, reduces use.
Thank you, Lummi Nation.
A victory for treaty rights indeed. That location remains one of the last few deepwater ports on the west coast, so expect the fossil fuel industry to try to propose something else there (oil, gas). This can be stopped if the Whatcom County Council respects the wishes of the Lummi Nation to protect Cherry Point in the Comprehensive Plan process.
Lummi, Tulalip, Lower Elwha, Swinomish, Quinault,
Yakama, Hoopa Valley and Spokane, please help Columbia River tribe and non-native reassess and reject Port of Longview coal export. Longview could export
and import value-added goods.
21st century raw export not business as usual.
I live within five miles of cherry point. The Lummi may possibly have saved the world with this fight, but they have certainly saved my home, for which I thank them. I went to the whatcom county council's public hearing on their comprehensive plan last week, and spoke to the council in support of the Lummi's request to rezone cherry point in such a way as to preclude future fossil fuel export terminals. It is the right thing to do for so many reasons, only one of which is honoring our legal contract with the Lummi, the treaty of Point Elliot 1855.
@10: I also live near Cherry Point, across Bellingham Bay near the BNSF tracks, attended that public hearing too, and couldn't agree with you more! Our next step is to ensure that no fossil fuel exports, including dangerous Bakken crude, are ever railed or shipped through Washington State. Puget Sound, or the Salish Sea. Bless you for standing with the Lummi Nation, too!
Thank you and bless you, Lummi Nation, for saving us and the world, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for doing the one and only right thing by rejecting permits to the proposed monstrosity known as GPT.