How to Fight Anti-Trans Bathroom Bills, According to Dan Savage


I highly recommend not doing this, at least one poor soul will get absolutely crushed by uppity police and an uppity prosecutor and be forced to plead out to a minor felony and spend 3 weeks in jail during the entire process.
Why limit it to Trans people? How can anyone feel safe using a public restroom in a State run by bigots?

Mailing urine would be a federal crime, I think.
This will not win the battle for hearts and minds.
errr, how about leading by example on this one, dan. as long as you don't mind getting arrested, that is.
Why limit it to trans people?
For that matter, why limit it to urine?
@2 really, a jar of apple juice would get the point across just as well.
I think writing a comment letter to Gov. McCrory, peeing on it, letting the pee dry and mailing it to him would comply with US Postal Regulations. If not, USPS should be challenged in court because a strong case could be made dry pee is a far less hazardous substance than anti-Trans hate. Alternatively, a photo of a jar of pee is worth a thousand words.
Ugh. No. See @5.
@11 - Ugh yourself. *Those* hearts and minds ain't worth battling for. Lost cause. Who cares? Fuck 'em!
When my brother was at University, they tried and tried and couldn't get University to put recycling bins on campus. So they stood in the Square for a couple of hours every day at lunch time and collected empty soda cans from the students who passed by. Then they dragged all the garbage-bag-ful of cans to the Administration Building and put them in front of the President's office. They did it for one week.

They got their recycling bins
A pissant like McCrory deserves all the piss pissed his way, but as a retired postie, I must speak up for my brothers and sisters who have to deal with pissed up packages. Please don't do it. Even dried piss is piss, and how would you like a postcard of dried piss to come your way at work?
@4 Would it be a crime? Urine is sterile, much less harmful than - say - Flint water!
@12: And so the answer is stinky piss to be processed by NC government employees. Emptying the jars and dutifully recycling them. Okay. News at 11.
Just send the hairiest t-men in the country to use the ladies' room, and make sure they leave the seat up. That'll show who's really letting men in.
Honestly, you would get more traction if you just wrote letters. Actual, paper letters. People give them more gravitas, especially older people.

Seems like urine would just reinforce their idea that the opposition to this law is made up of perverts and disgusting people who can be ignored for their lack of decorum.

Also, ick.
Hey @17, I get that line of argument is tempting -- these bills really don't make sense -- but I stopped talking that way myself. Um, if you care.

"IF you think trans men are gross in your bathroom THEN ..." logically and debate-team-wise does not support the "trans men are gross", it logically undercuts it. But it gives that feeling more emotional playing time, and, if you're a trans man you can go there if you want, but I don't feel good about it.
Please support Target stores for their inclusive bathroom policy. The religious right is urging boycotts and signing petitions against them for it.
@19: I equated "hairy" in venomlash's comment as "obviously male" rather than "gross."
Yeah, my intent was what raindrop said. I'm talking about big burly dudes with beards (like me) who happen to be 46XX (unlike me) but certainly don't look it. The point I'm going for is that the bill's backers claim that those darned libruls want to let men into the women's restroom, but the bill itself is actually making ACTUAL men use the ladies' room.
Not trying to make anyone uncomfortable here, apart from transphobic wackos.
though we guys are kinda gross. I'm at peace with that.