America is beer. Is this why conservatives are obsessed with peeing?
Oh jesus...we are ruined.
Perfect timing for the Trump campaign.
What, no automatic rifle on the decal?
Rebranding is so strange.

"Our product is shitty."
"Should we improve the product then?"
"Nah... let's just call it something else."
@3 I was thinking the same thing, and that it's not a coincidence. That, of course, doesn't speak to whether it's sheer marketing inspiration by events, or somewhat more darkly, a conspiracy to help market Trump. Either way, it vaguely reminds me of the opportunistic marketing of Billy Beer, which parenthetically wasn't a lot worse beer than Bud.

If Bud is now America, and Bud tastes like shit, does that mean that America is now shit?

Inquiring minds, etc...
The brewers of the real Budweiser (which bears no resemblance to this swill) will no doubt be thrilled to hear this.
Ha! Conservatives are such easy marks. I'm sure it comes with a special promotion, "Send us your social security number and we'll send you a coupon for your next six-pack!"
@8 if it's a choice between free will and free swill...
Land of the pee, home of the buzz.
Isn't the parent company that owns Anheuser Busch owned by a Belgian / Brazilian consortium ?
America tastes like watered-down battery acid.

Yeah, In-Bev. In addition to the Bud line, they also own Beck's, Stella, Corona, and a bunch of other international brands.

At least battery acid has some sort of flavor - American lager just tastes like fizzy rice water.
I love a Bud Light, but only on a very very hot summer day.

Lefty loonies are allergic to patriotism marketing.
@16: That's fine.

Right, the ONLY way to demonstrate patriotic love for one's country is to drink skanky, piss-lager, because the geniuses in marketing decided to slap "'MURCA!" on the can, and NOW YOU HAVE TO DRINK IT or be labeled a freedom-hating terrarista.

But then some rubes will eat, drink, or wear just about ANYTHING with a flag on it - and not give two shits about where it was manufactured.
It's got electrolytes.
I'm with raindrop on the pairing of bud with a hot summer day. I used to be a beer snob, but then I realized that light lagers are like champagne (the champagne of beers!). I don't drink champagne for the taste, I drink it when it fits an occasion.

Also, light lagers with spicy asian food is the best!!
What beer is more iconic than Bud? FUCKING GUINNESS, and better-tasting too!

@20: Technically it does.

@21: Drink a Cave Creek Chili Beer. It's a cheapo Mexican lager with a hot pepper in it. Not great on the beer front, but it works really well if you like spiciness.

But there are so many BETTER light and pale lagers out there - for example, I would highly recommend Full Sail's Session Lager or their standard APL. And I'm not that much of a beer snob: an ice-cold Rolling Rock is my particular favorite for a hot-day, post-lawn mowing libation.
@21 - I'm with ya as well. I can enjoy a nice beer โ€” a fancy 22 on the couch is great, but most of my drinking time is social or otherwise in cooperation with an activity that doesn't jibe well getting my maximum bloat on from 6 craft IPA's. Prefer Modelo or High Life, but Bud can have its place.
Wake me up when they replace "Budweiser" with "Under God"
Bohemia with a twist of lime is my ultimate treat, but I'm also perfectly happy with a Stella or a Heineken.
Cool native ad, Frizzelle.
@19: From dildos to chain saws, any product is free to have patriotism marketing theme.
@28- I find it really insulting to the USA (and my love thereof) to have shit peddled to me by slapping a flag on it and having the idea that my respect for my country should somehow make me feel like buying a product.

I feel like people who are into this kind of marketing don't really feel respect for the USA or it's ideals anymore than they support a pro-wrestler or Transformers or whatever...
Apparently this is a temporary marketing stunt. It is being called "America" only until after the November election. After that it will return to being Budweiser again.

I'm sure it will sell by the truck load at Trump rallies.
HOW CONFUSING! I won't know whether to vote or drink...
It's really a beautiful can. Shame it's such shitty beer.
@29. Thank you!

Raindrop, it's manipulation. And it's negging. And it's horribly insulting. My patriotism is not some cheap whore that can be bought for a few bucks.

Are you saying raindrop's patriotism is a cheap whore?
@29,34: I never said it wasn't tacky. And it is tacky. And yes, it's insulting. But it's not an issue, there's no litigation. I bet the campaign will be short lived; so buy a six pack, never open it, and sell it on EBay in 20 years.
Weird how a soulless international corporation is using the very definition of a mass consumer product to make one of the more interesting public art pieces in recent memory.
Someone should name a cider Sealth so the tribe can finally sue and get its treaty rights upheld.
@35, oh goodness, no. Sorry if it came across that way, Raindrop.
And I also agree that it's not an actionable offense.
"the original Budweiser beer has been losing market share since 1989."

'Cause people keep finding out you can buy beer that costs 50% more and has 27,000% more flavor.
@35. Who said anything about litigation? And let us look at your first comment: "Lefty loonies are allergic to patriotism marketing." So now you are either a lefty loonie by your own admission or you do not actually find it tacky.

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