Pretend-Baron Donald Trump Sure Pulled One Over on Us


My god, are you talking about one acquaintance of yours, or multiple? It appears to be one, since you ...haven't spoken to that person in a long time, but then you just looked them up. [T]hey made me unbearably sad It was so clear that other people's opinions didn't matter to them — that in fact, they had zero interest in other people. They were only interested in their own opinion of themselves. Etcetera. What a confusing hash! Are you familiar with the appropriate use of personal pronouns? Where are the editors! Oh...
I guess he's using the singular "they/them," which I totally agree sounds unpleasantly awkward and unnecessary.
But pretty good article about the massive egoist named Trump.
He can't beat Hillary, can he?
@1, 2 - the singular they as a pronoun in reference to an unspecified person has been in use, in canonical English literature, for hundreds of years. Deal with it.…
Genius boy Nate Silver, never wrong, stated last fall that Trump had no chance in the primaries.

Lots of magical thinking behind expecting the Baggage Queen to beat him. The burned out, drugged out, armed to the teeth heartland is crying out for a fascist leader.

Bernie is/was a viable alternative to the Trump bluster.

Hillary will be steamrollered in her insincerity and record of standing for nothing.