"They wake you up at 5 in the morning...what are you supposed to do at 5 in the morning?"

Most people I know who are getting up around 5 AM are working construction or heading out to look for day jobs doing construction.

Or restaurant workers reporting for the morning shift, janitors and custodians often wake up that early to get started on their days.

Perhaps some of people living in the shelters could try out that some of these activities if they are looking for ways to kill time in the early morning hours.
I'm unsure about any of Seattle's shelters, but in many places shelters are part of dual-use facilities, and the residents are usually required to get up and out early so the space can be packed/cleaned before the daytime use begins. It is an incredibly efficient use of space, but does require compromise from both sides.
@1. You must be very privileged to assume people can just get jobs. I was surprised to see that from you.
@ 1, Employers treat new college grads and the long-term unemployed like total garbage. What hope do you think that the homeless have in the job market?
@ 5, My cousin just bought BMW S-Class and make $7000 per month dollars and bought new house with working for Google from home. Must go now door bells ring.
And then the protesters drove home in their suvs and pick up trucks.
@4: I said they could find work, not necessarily get full time jobs. Those of us who have scrabbled in the dirt know that a difference exists.

Wake up at 5 AM one day and head on down to your local Home Depot. Lots of guys there getting work for the day, not whining about having to get up early to earn their daily bread. Backbone of our nation right there, I have had the privilege of swinging hammers and pushing bull floats with them.

@6: Haha, so why bother trying, right? Just keep on drifting, trying to find work is too hard!

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