French Housing Official/Hero: It's Time to End the "Ghettos of the Rich"


I've been saying this for years. The REAL way to fix our problems of class, race, etc. is to LIVE with each other. When we actually interact with people who are different from us, it is a lot harder to hate them. We can see the humanity inherent in them. When they are always somewhere else, it's harder to see them as true neighbors.
There is always the guillotine for those rich who resist, oui?

How about everybody pays the same fixed percentage of their income for housing, say 25%. That's fair, oui?
@2 - I guess "pay" is a sort of loaded term here, but occupants of Public Housing don't receive property tax bills. I don't know how Paris does it, but in the US they're generally run by a non-profit/government agency who has probably waived or absorbed the cost, which wouldn't vary by district.

Decentralizing poverty is a good idea. San Francisco has made good strides in managing public housing in that respect, similar to what this mayor is proposing, and in my 17 (!!!) years here, it's been very effective. (I know I just wrote San Francisco and Housing is one sentence, but let's stay on topic here.)
Worth noting that Paris enacted rent stabilization last year:…