ICYMI: Samantha Bee on Rise of the Religious Right


Before I watch==my guess will be: blacks blacking. Or women womening.
Interesting how all our problems today seem to have a root in white supremacy. Even seemingly unrelated stuff.
@3: That was like shooting fish in a barrel.
Racism eats away at our country like a deeply-embedded cancer. It underpins every aspect of our society, and it's not just a tumor in its sac; its so diffuse and its roots are simultaneously deep and widespread. You can't just cut out the visible tumor; you have to irradiate it and kill it off via chemotherapy.
Gays and transgenered people? Have we all agreed, then, to simply ignore the threat posed by those unwashed barbarians in Gaul? They threaten our glorious Republic more dearly than these! SPQR!

Transgender, without the "ed."
Whether this person is or isn't correct, can we please not equate comics and serious social scientists? If they really look that much alike, that probably is a serious problem, but one for another discussion.
@8: Ah, so it is. Thanks. I'd never really considered it before, but it makes sense.

It looks like I mangled that word a couple different ways.
I was going to guess "a partridge in a pear tree," but I would have been wrong.
Apart from teaming up with the Christian fanatics, the Reagan campaign also cut a deal with the Iranians not to release the embassy hostages before the election (they were released, quite surprisingly, on his inauguration day).

Read this book by a former state dept. official:

More details in wiki:

Nice work.

Reminds me of the long-form stuff that John Oliver is doing. No ads make this possible: by not having to break for commercial, as Jon Stewart had to do, gives the breathing space to drill down for a long solid expository rant.