Still the same Hillary shes always been.
Still the same Hillary she's always been. Krista Kennell /

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Okay, I guess we have to talk about this Hillary Clinton email thing. Personally, I'm hoping that the act of discussing it will be like trying to remember a dream, in that the more you tell people about it, the less interested they become.

The State Department just released a report on Hillary's use of private email server, and there's not a fun or remarkable detail anywhere to be found. My favorite finding is that Hillary is apparently more tech savvy than your parents whose Windows machine is perpetually infected with malware, because when an undersecretary for political affairs sent her an email that contained just a standalone URL, she refused to click on it. Good for you, Hillary.

Otherwise, the only revelation is that she bent/broke some rules and is probably not entirely trustworthy. But what makes you think you're entitled to entirely trustworthy politicians? Does that sort of politician even exist?

Here are the worst findings in the report: Hillary arranged for a personal server to be set up and used it for government business. It was against the rules for her to do so. Staffers were instructed to never talk about it. There were occasional outside hacking attempts. Other officials, including Colin Powell, have done similar things, but never to the extent that Hillary did.

There you have it—a fairly damning assessment. So what does it change? Well... nothing that I can think of, unless you're an IT consultant looking for a contract at the State Department.

Look, Hillary's a politician. She withholds the truth sometimes, she bends rules, she has secrets. They all do, otherwise their careers wouldn't have made it past local dogcatcher. I can promise you with total confidence that Bernie's misled some people, broken some rules, and kept some secrets from the American people. So has Obama. So have Elizabeth Warren, Abraham Lincoln, Ralph Nader, Paul Wellstone, Harvey Milk, Eugene Debs, and Shirley Chisholm.

Politicians are no more prisoners of morality than you or I. They do bad things sometimes, just like the rest of us.

A lot of people are waving around this Hillary-email thing like it's a scandal and a game changer, but the best I can muster is a shrug. Okay, she engaged in some skullduggery with her emails. So what? Are you shocked to learn that a powerful person does not entirely 100% follow the rules at all times?

If there's a takeaway from this whole misadventure, it's probably that the State Department ought to engage in better oversight of its information architecture. This is, to the overwhelming majority of the US population, a profoundly boring conclusion.

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At most, the report confirms that Hillary Clinton is a politician. Okay, good to know. Would she still be a better president than Donald Trump? Yes?


All right then, nothing's changed.

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