The Morning News: Police Shoot Pit Bull, Tyrone Beason on Seattle's Fading Black Community


One of the best morning news round ups in awhile.
Yeah, the Seattle Times editorial board is a bag of dicks, but I hope we don't lose their reporters.
Dangerous pit bull in Rainier Valley? No way.
The CD is only 1/5 black so it must be 4/5 white now?
@4: there are these people called Asians...
Seattle's parking boots are ridiculously easy to remove without destroying them provided you've got an inexpensive set of tamper-resistant screw driver bits.
Converning the current black diaspora from the CD. My question is this: has the black population of Seattle grown or shrank over the previous decades? Now I know that increased property taxes and rents are the primary driver of black flight, but is it also possible that now that restrictive racial covenents are a thing of the past, blacks can live anywhere they want? Families are selling homes and moving to south king county, but are new families moving to Wallingford, Fremont, etc.? So the population in CD shrinks but grows in other neighborhoods? The conventional wisdom on this subject seems a little overly simplified, IMHO.
Huh, the black population of seattle in 1960 was 4.8% overall, today it is over 11%.…

So what does this say about gentrification in the CD?
If four isn't the right number, how many parking tickets should someone living in a vehicle be allowed to accumulate before it's booted/towed?The homeless advocates quoted in the Real Change piece apparently think there should be no limit and no consequences. That's just not a serious position.