Presidential Candidates Hate Press Conferences, and Also Love Them


when the candidates schedule them, reporters should try not showing up. like some sort of coordinated group action. there used to be a word for that...

Well, he really did 5.6 million, or x million, or whatever. Move on.

The point was never really about how much money he raised (although it's worth noting he had to kick in a $1mm of his own to get up to that "adjusted" $5.6mm amount), but more about why it took his foundation so long to start doling it out to the groups to which it was promised. And the fact that the gravy train didn't start rolling until AFTER the press began needling him about it also has some relevance.
Hillary is playing prevent defense. Just like Gore in 2000.
@5 Thanks Doug, that led me to learn all about prevent defense over at NFL.COM.