During #FindItFixIt Walk, North Seattle Residents Voice Concerns About Safe Crosswalks, Needles, and More


What's the total number of needle litter victims so far this year? It must be in the dozens already, right? In the last decade more than 1,000 people in the city must have been infected with HIV from stray needles. And at least 20,000 dogs. Is that about right?

I don't really know; I've never seen the data. I'm only guessing at the scale of the problem based on the level of concern from neighborhood activists. They don't normally raise alarm unless there is a really serious problem so it follows that these needles on the ground are hurting a lot of people.
What a bunch of stupid NIMBYS, amirite??
They're not stupid. They only *seem* stupid because the number of people (and pets) injured by used needles lying around was zero this year. And zero last year. And they year before. And the decade before. And the one before that.

It's sad that we liven in a world where you get called "stupid" for being hysterical about a thing that could might possibly maybe injure somebody just on the little technicality that it never has. If you're going to take that approach, you might as well not be lying awake nights afraid of a giant meteor smashing the city.

A massive needle reaction is no less stupid, then, say, an anti-meteor laser cannon on top of the Space Needle. Not one bit less.
@2, no, you are not.
Few sidewalks, littered with needles, people are concerned for the children walking to the new school.
It is an outrage that Seattle would dare upzone any part of the city without first ensuring it has sidewalks.
@2 The sole reason no needlesticks have been reported is that community-minded residents and parks department workers are PICKING UP AND DISCARDING THE NEEDLES. I speaking from firsthand experience, having picked up several myself. You're welcome.
Misdirected @2; ire meant for @1
You guys are like superheroes. You've saved thousands of lives. It's like a MIRACLE that you're always on scene, *every single time* there is a needle on the ground. Not one single person or dog has ever been stuck in the ENTIRE CITY for the last 30, 40, 50 years (well, basically in all recorded time, let's say since the city was founded in 1851 or the invention of the hypodermic needle in 1853).

That's insane. How do you do it? You have more crime-fighting omniscience than Batman. You ALWAYS know where there is a needle before one single person can get hurt.

And we KNOW that without you, they WILL get hurt. We know that because, um, wait, do we know that? Let's say we do, because it sounds so dramatic and makes you feel important, right?

Or -- alternate theory -- needles, like broken glass, rusty nails and goose poop, are a *nuisance*, not a *threat*. Should people clean up nuisances in their neighborhood? Sure! Good on ya for cleaning up nuisances. But are you Batman? Are you saving anyone (or their dog) from a "threat"?

No, you're not. Get over yourself. Drama queen.
Your argument strains credulity. No drama: hepatitis C remains viable on dirty needles for months. I--and all the other do-gooders--don't need to pick up every single needle, only significantly reduce the numbers to mitigate the risk of accidental infection.
But admit it: it sucks to have not even one poster child. Zika -- even really, really exotic shit like hantavirus -- have faces and names they can attach to an actual victim who this thing really happened to. You guys don't even have a dead dog. It's not fair, is it?

I'm not saying you're bad people for picking up litter. God bless you for picking up litter. Thanks for that. A *thousand* thank yous for doing litter patrol. You've saved untold numbers from having their view marred by loose refuse.

Just not saved their lives, that's all. We can't all be life savers.