On National Gun Violence Awareness Day, Where Do We Stand With Stopping It?


Too bad we can't ask Che Taylor his thoughts on gun violence and convicted rapists of having access to guns. I'm sure it would be a conversation that would light up a room.
Where do we stand? We have decided not to do a damn thing. That decision was made several years ago in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shootings. I see no prospect of anything that could happen to change that, and in all likelihood the number of places allowing untrained people to concealed carry will increase resulting in more firearms deaths, both accidental and deliberate.
@1: I'm not clear on what you're trying to say here. Che Taylor had a gun so gun violence isn't an issue?
Che Taylor should not have had a gun?
That you object to people demanding police accountability when dealing with all citizens even people like Taylor?
I'm not trying to be snarky, I genuinely want to know.
@2 But we passed I-594 that was supposed to stop all the criminals from getting guns or prosecute whomever had sold it to them? So i guess you're saying that the attempts that are made at gun control are meaningless? If that's the case then why bother?
@4: WE passed I-594. America didn't. Oregon didn't. Idaho didn't. and you're distorting the intent, of course. universal background checks are supposed to HELP keep firearms out of the hands of those who shouldn't have them. there is no cure all. its barely a band aid on a chest wound.

so, have you noticed any jackbooted thugs confiscating your precious since it passed?
Or send their kids to Chicago. 69 people shot just the past weekend. What.the.fuck.

@5 So what you're saying is that passing 594 was a waste of time and money since it won't do anything?