Uber Will Stop Operating in Bremerton


Amodeo is full of shit. I'm positive that an annual license of $75 is FAR less (in cost and hassle) than whatever regulations and licensing are required of taxicabs.

Hopefully all the former Uber drivers (at least the ones who are able to overcome the "difficult if not impossible" barrier of a business license, can switch to Lyft.

Because Uber is a criminal organization with a marketing department. They view all attempts by any outside entity to regulate what they do as a threat to their business model.
Hey Seattle! Let's be bigger and badder than Bremerton and slap Uber drivers with a $750 business license. That will purge this secretive, arrogant, slave wage paying corporation from our city. We have a lot of tech talent here, and it shouldn't be all that hard for local drivers to form their own workers collective rideshare company. Workers of the world UNITE AND FIGHT!!!
They're trying to tell smaller cities without much leverage "don't fuck with us." Sadly, those small markets is where something like Uber could provide a real service to consumers in areas that aren't replete with taxis.

Btw Seattle, how's Flywheel doing up there? It's my go-to here, and they're killing it. If you aren't leaving the city (besides the airport), it's so much better than any of the ride shares now. And with all the new bus/taxi only street alignments in my neighborhood, it runs circles around private vehicles.
Olympia will require a $1,000.00 licensing fee which all other Thurston County towns will recognise
So Uber's response to not being about to break the law is to throw a tantrum. Sounds consistent with their business model of undercutting an established industry that is well-regulated for a century's worth of reasons.
"Uber is a disruptive technology that will change how people travel"

Cool; so technically your drivers are independent contractors and need to buy a business license, just like a quilt shop or roadside espresso stand does

"Outrageous. It's impossible to do business in this climate"