City Reaches $195K Settlement With Woman Punched by Police Officer


I would def get pepper sprayed for 100K, but I dunno if I'd let someone concuss me and break my eye socket for 195K. I might though...

But that's not the deal. The deal is you get arrested and detained and you get to spend lots of hours with lawyers while you miss work or school or travel or family time, and this can go on for years and years, plus you get to be publicly denounced. Then maybe you can have 100K, less legal fees. Does that work for you?
@2 - the whole deal is you get so drunk and belligerent you own Mom calls the cops on you, you act like a belligerent arse and then you kick at a cops head as he's been fairly respectful to you while he's seat-belting you - and the cop takes a swing and hits you. Nobody is a hero in the situation at all, especially the drunk.

Okay, sure, whatever you want. So back to the premise: is it worth it for you to do what you describe plus the follow-up that I describe for $100,000?