SPOT: making donations to charity on sales of their pride-themed edibles and making these awesome stickers.
SPOT is making donations to charity on sales of its pride-themed edibles and making these awesome stickers. TCB

If you're planning to celebrate Pride with a little legal cannabis—and why wouldn't you be?—I have some good news for you. One, there's going to be a ton of cheap pot out there. Pride specials abound, from Have a Heart's store-wide sale to Ruckus' $6 Nasty Jacks Malted Milk Balls. (Yes, that is a real product, not a South Park reference.) In addition to all the cheap pot, many stores will also be donating a portion of their sales to a good cause. Several good causes, actually.

At least three Seattle-area cannabis companies are offering special, Pride-themed products and donating a portion of the proceeds to LGBTQ charities. That's right, you can buy weed things that will get you high, make you feel glorious, and help you enjoy the living shit out of Pride weekend, while simultaneously bolstering the causes of some really awesome charity work. It's so much win.

Seattle Green Bud is selling its "Pride Packs" across the city, including, most conveniently for Pride-goers, at Ruckus. Proceeds from the beautifully packaged pre-rolls go to Equal Rights Washington, an organization that does advocacy work on a whole host of important LGBTQ issues. Ruckus is offering these packs at $8 off. (They're also offering all topicals and body oils at 20 percent off, in case Pride has you feeling freaky.)

SPOT is offering Pride-themed versions of its milk chocolate and dark chocolate, as well as its 5 mg brownie and cookie bites, with $1 from each item sold going to the Lifelong AIDS Alliance, which helps people living with HIV/AIDS get access to food, housing, and health care (in addition to running an awesome thrift store). Herban Legends in Belltown carries SPOT stuff, and is also offering Pride weekend discounts. According to their general manager, Anthony, the store will also be "rainbowed out" with a sweet lighting display. What a lovely phrase, by the way.

Lastly, Uncle Ike's is partnering with a few different companies to support Entre Hermanos, an organization dedicated to promoting health and wellness in the Latino/a LGBTQ community. Local grower Solstice, in an orgy of alliteration, is offering rainbow-themed "Pride Party Preroll Packs." Van Der Pop, a maker of snazzy cannabis accessories, put together some Pride-themed paraphernalia—a fancy grater card, nice rolling papers, and a matchbook.

Ike's is donating 5 percent of the proceeds from those two items to Entre Hermanos, and both companies have agreed to match that. As much as everyone hates on Ike's, you've gotta give them some props for that 5 percent. Thanks to the federal government's horribly restrictive tax code for businesses selling Schedule I narcotics, they can't even claim it as a deduction. So they're legitimately taking a loss for the LGBTQ community. Oh, and they're also carrying SPOT's products.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the Pride-related specials out there. The LGBTQ community is quite well represented in Seattle's pot industry. And clearly, they care.

As Lena Davidson, the brand ambassador for SPOT's parent company, botanicaSEATTLE, put it, "Our company is staffed by a wildly diverse group of very committed individuals. There is a gentle power in standing for Love as a company in our community.” Awwww.